Spirit Fitness XT485 review

Spirit Fitness XT485 is a home treadmill with useful features and a durable design. Read more about this treadmill here.

Spirit Fitness XT485 Review

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The Spirit XT485 is a great treadmill with an excellent warranty and powerful motor, though it's not as comfortable as many other treadmills.


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    10-year warranty on parts and electronics


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    No heavy-duty shock absorption

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With a selection of useful features and extras, the Spirit Fitness XT485 is a quality machine with some standout perks, including an excellent warranty and product support, but it's not as easy on the joints as the best treadmills are designed to be.

This treadmill's build quality definitely keeps up with the higher-ranked treadmills in our comparison. The maximum speed of 12mph and maximum incline of 15% are comparable to most treadmills. This treadmill is unique in the fact that it is rated for a maximum user weight of 425lbs, the highest weight limit in our review. 

A few notable features are included with the Spirit XT485. It has a wireless heart monitor and easy-to-use speed and incline controls on the handrails. An assortment of 12 workout programs helps you reach fitness goals dealing with fat burn, cardio, strength and a variety of other exercise options. Consider using one of the best fitness trackers to monitor these metrics. We'd recommend Fitbit or Apple, and the former is often on sale among the best Amazon Prime Day Fitbit deals.

The heart rate programs are particularly useful, as they automatically adjust the incline to keep you near your target heart rate. Unfortunately, the running surface does not have any shock absorption aside from some cushioning that somewhat reduces the high impact of running on your joints.

The extras that come with this folding treadmill can add variety and convenience to your workout. An audio port and built-in speakers allow you to connect an MP3 player or other audio device to listen to your favorite music. The treadmill also has a built-in fan that cools you down and reduces sweating while you run. When you finish your workout, you can fold the treadmill up for easy storage.

The lifetime warranty on the frame and motor is excellent and typical of the best treadmills. However, the XT485 has an exceptional parts warranty, which covers its components for 10 years. This is twice that of most motorized treadmills and only exceeded by one other treadmill in our reviews. The labor warranty is less than stellar, with coverage that lasts only one year.

This Spirit Fitness treadmill has several support options at your disposal. For direct customer support, you can contact the company by email and telephone. For self-service options, there are FAQs and a PDF user manual available on the company's website so you can troubleshoot any problems you have. Spirit Fitness does not offer live chat support.

The Spirit Fitness XT485 is just enough treadmill without giving you an overload of extra features. The cushioning system gives you a somewhat comfortable running experience, but it isn't nearly as comfortable as some of the other treadmills in our reviews. This is a good folding treadmill that gives you an excellent parts warranty for just a little more money.

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