Uncleanliness can knock $75,000 off your property’s value - here’s how to turn it around

Uncleanliness can knock $75,00 from your property's value
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A year on, the coronavirus pandemic is affecting home valuations, with 61% of respondents in a survey by Rated People saying they would put in a lower offer on a dirty property. The research, which surveyed 2000 people, found that things that signaled uncleanliness, like bad smells and a dirty bathroom, are a detriment to property value in a post-pandemic world.

The implications of an unclean home are severe, with $40,000 potentially being wiped from a property’s value. What’s more, 43% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t arrange a viewing on an unclean home, making it much harder for those properties to attract offers to begin with.

Many of the offending issues can be fixed in “a matter of hours and for under $100” according to the report. This is the full list of the worst issues and how much they’ll decrease the value of your home:

  • Signs of structural damage: cracks in the walls ($13,185) and signs of dampness ($13,291)
  • Design disasters: scuffed paintwork ($12,851), peeling wallpaper ($12,530), outdated decor ($12,291) and broken/damaged windows ($11,976)
  • Subpar outside spaces: an overgrown garden ($12,244) and broken/missing fence panels in the garden/outside space ($12,438) 
  • Uncleanliness: dirty/stained furnishings, like carpet, curtains, and sofas ($12,288), a dirty bathroom ($12,451) and general mess and clutter inside ($12,901)

These findings demonstrate how the last year has impacted how we all feel about cleanliness; whether it’s with washing our hands or within our homes, and how important it is for sellers to show they’re serious about hygiene. 

Home improvements

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How can you turn around the value of your home? 

The good news is that the issues detailed in Rated People’s study are mostly minor, and can be remedied pretty easily. If you have a damp issue in your home, why not look at some of the best mold test kits, and get to grips with the problem before it gets worse. Or if you need a decor overhaul, take a look at the best interior design software programs and set out a plan of action for your renovations. Though it might mean spending a little cash to get there, a better-looking home will make serious returns when it comes to selling up.

Of course, general untidiness and mess can be solved with the help of some handy home appliances and by spending a little extra time on chores. The best shop vacuums are great for taking care of any debris after home renovations, whilst gas lawn mowers will make light work of an untidy garden. Keeping your home spotless can be difficult, but by employing the help of a robot vacuum you’ll have one less task to do yourself.

If you want to change up your home’s decor whilst in quarantine, then there are plenty of projects you could get stuck into to increase your home’s value. Unsurprisingly, renovations on home offices and gyms are high up on the list, as well as improvements to outside spaces, such as BBQs, pizza ovens, and vegetable patches.

Other value-adding home improvements include: 

  •  Creating an open plan living space (+$12,496) 
  •  Loft conversion (+$17,985) 
  •  New carpets (+$8,882) 
  •  New driveway (+$11,126) 

If you want to get started on your new DIY project straight away, check out our guides to the best cordless drills and the best circular saws

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