Crenova VS100S Review

The Crenova VS100S doesn’t pull or distort foods during the vacuum process, and it creates a good seal that doesn’t leave air in the bags.

Crenova VS100S Review

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The Crenova VS100S is a quiet vacuum food sealer that does a decent job sealing both dry and wet foods without causing the foods to become distorted during the vacuum process.


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    This machine seals delicates without a dedicated delicate setting.


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    The seal of a test bag broke causing chicken juice to spill.

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The Crenova VS100S doesn’t pull or distort foods during the vacuum process, and it creates a good seal that doesn’t leave air in the bags. Both meats and dry foods were quickly sealed, and the Crenova was one of the few vacuum food sealers that sealed juicy pineapple rings without a problem. But we did, however, discover that the seal doesn’t always remain tight.

Crenova VS100S: How it performed

The following day after sealing all the test foods, we picked up the bags that held the meat and pineapple rings in the refrigerator. The bag containing the chicken breasts looked sealed, but there was an obvious leak because it was sitting in a pool of chicken juice. We looked for a puncture in the bag, but didn't see one. The bag was still tight around the chicken and we didn’t see any pockets of air. But when we tracked the dripping it was obvious it came from the seal, even though the seal still looked well intact.

We were impressed with how well the Crenova VS100S sealed juicy, wets foods. During our test using pineapple rings, this food sealer extracted 5/8 fluid ounces of pineapple juice during the vacuuming process, which is a testament of the machine’s suction strength. The Crenova still sealed the bag without a problem, even with pineapple juice smeared over the inside of the bag right where it was sealed. Most other bags won’t seal properly, or at all, if the bag is wet.

Though the Crenova doesn’t have a dedicated delicate setting like the NutriChef vacuum food sealer, this machine sealed bread, cereal and other foods without flattening or crushing them. The bags still formed well around each piece of food and there wasn’t any extra room for the food to move around in the bag once it was sealed. When we removed the food from the sealed bag days later, the bread was good.

As with other vacuum food sealers, the Crenova has a locking lid that takes a little bit of extra muscle to get closed and locked the first few times you use it. We recruited a couple burly lab assistants to help us for the first two or three uses. After that the machine was worn in enough to lock more easily.

The Crenova VS100S isn’t too loud while it’s vacuuming and sealing foods. We were able to chat between ourselves during the process without having to raise our voices much.

Should you buy the Crenova VS100S?

The Crenova VS100S is a reliable vacuum food sealer that does well in preserving different types of foods, including meat, pineapple and bread. We did notice a small break in the seal of one of the bags of chicken we preserved, but the bag itself was still well sealed with no air inside. This vacuum sealer is good for sealing delicate foods and isn’t too loud while running.

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