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WavePad Review

WavePad continues the NCH Software tradition of making superb multimedia applications. It’s an outstanding, intuitive voice recording program.

Our Verdict

WavePad has impressively strong editing capabilities and file format compatibility which, coupled with its low price, makes it the obvious choice for most users.


  • It has the largest assortment of audio effects and filters of any software we reviewed.


  • Its direct customer support options favor limited, paid contacts rather than unlimited free assistance.
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WavePad continues the NCH Software tradition of making superb multimedia applications. It’s an outstanding, intuitive voice recording program. WavePad has an unparalleled selection of filters and special effects and offers broad file format compatibility. Its easy-to-use interface is approachable to users of all experience levels and is perfect for performing a variety of tasks involving voice recording.

The feature set within the application is stripped down and the interface encourages a smooth workflow. We were pleased with the program as it includes enough features to empower you but doesn’t bury you with unnecessary tools.

You can upload tracks from CDs then burn them onto another CD once the editing process is completed. Files can be recorded then exported in one of many file formats. It’s compatible with multiple audio feeds and input sources, like microphones, line-in devices and internet streaming as well as audio, video and PC playback.

This software allows you to search, scrub or bookmark audio for improved editing. It supports sample rates from 6kHz up to 192kHz, which is an excellent range. Its batch processing functionality lets you convert multiple files in a single action, as well as add special effects.

The WavePad application gives you over 20 filters and effects to use while recording your voice. When it comes to editing audio files, the more options you have, the better the file is going to turn out. With this range of filters, you can do nearly anything you could want to an audio file. If you want to use samples and loops in your tracks, however, you may want to consider Mixcraft 8.

There’s an option for mixing and splitting audio files. WavePad has several other tools as well, including frequency and temporal frequency analysis, click/pop repair, tone generator, text to speech, batch converter and the ability to download several helpful sample audio files from the NCH sound library.

The audio software supports the widest file format compatibility of the products in our comparison, including: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AIF, FLAC, AAC, M4A, GMS, VOX, RAW, RSS, AMR, MPC, APE and SPX. This range eliminates any possibility of users not finding the format that’s compatible with the file they want to use. Being able to convert files into any of these formats is a definite plus. Additionally, WavePad is compatible with all recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

NCH Software offers WavePad users a decent amount of help and support. There are product manuals, user forums, tutorials and a FAQs section on its website. Should you want to speak directly with one of the company’s customer support reps, you can send an email for free. However, be aware that free support can take a while since those who pay extra for a support contract receive help first. Additionally, no free telephone or live chat options are available. If you do opt for a paid support contract, your email ticket still gets placed into a queue with other paid tickets.

WavePad is rich in features and simple to use. We like all the features this voice recording software has to offer. We are disappointed in the lack of free or unlimited support, however, since some companies offer more help with no extra charge. Otherwise, the product is powerful, impressive and able to create professional-quality audio recordings.