Wait... what? Americans are panic-buying bidets, in case stores run out of toilet paper

Wait... what? Americans are panic-buying bidets, in case stores run out of toilet paper
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With many people stockpiling essential goods like pantry food and paper goods in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, toilet paper has been, in many parts of the country, in short supply. Although government officials on both sides of the aisle have insisted that there is no need to hoard food or other goods, with the majority of the population in a panic, toilet paper has been a rather hot commodity these days. One restaurant even made news when it started offering a free roll with a take-out order worth $20 or more. 

With a possible toilet paper shortage looming on the horizon, there's been an unlikely benefactor: bidet sellers. That's right, those looking to prioritize keeping their butts clean during the pandemic have invested in bidets - more often than not, bidet attachments that can be connected to your toilet or sink. 

Need proof? Bidet manufacturers have reported a dramatic increase in sales over the past week. The bidet company Tushy made $500,000 in sales over the course of several days this week, including a day with $1 million in sales. Now, production is ramping up to meet demand. That's certainly a lot of bidets. Check out the full selection at Walmart.

Bidet pros will tell you that even a basic attachment will not just leave your tush in pristine cleanliness, but that you'll end up using less toilet paper. That means the precious stocks of toilet paper rolls in your home will last much, much longer too. 

Not sure if a bidet is for you? It can be a rather foreign idea to some, but in these troubled times, there's no harm in investing in personal hygiene. For an ultra-cheap option, try out a nozzle-style bidet attachment. Or maybe an extra long shower hose for your handheld showerhead, for the ultra-needy.

Is there really a toilet paper shortage in the United States?

In short, no. People are simply panic-buying toilet paper. In uncertain times, there's a need to have control over our ability to survive - and that takes the form of hoarding essentials. 

There is no toilet paper shortage, at least at the manufacturing level. Factories are still making and shipping out toilet paper and other goods to stores - the reason why shelves are empty is simply bad timing - with most people stocking up, supermarkets are depleted early and soon after delivery. If you're constantly finding empty shelves, try scheduling your grocery runs at a different time of the day or week. 

Otherwise, there's always the bidet. 

If you want to panic buy any other appliances for your abode (assuming you have space among all the bidets), or just want to take the extra time at home to redesign your space, check out a few of our handy guides, like the best refrigerators, or even the best wine coolers

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