Walmart "exclusive access" deals—3 offers on vacuum cleaners I wouldn't miss

Roborock Q Revo MaxV
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If you've been looking for a cheap vacuum then you're hunt could be over. I've just had a sneaky browse through what's on offer at Walmart Week and have seen three vacuum deals that would be worthy of your attention.

What I've spotted is this: one handheld vacuum cleaner and two robot vacuum cleaners. While they'll all help to keep the floors and surfaces clean, the robot vacuums can be fully automated meaning that you can set and (almost) forget about them. These smart little guys will automatically empty and clean themselves so the hard work (not really) will be in the unboxing and downloading the app.

Not to forget about the handheld vacuum, I find they are particularly useful for taking out to the car for a quick clean-up. They're also good to have close by frequent mess stations, like in the kitchen or living room, for banishing spilt cereals and dust balls to the canister.

To take advantage of these savings up to 52% off you will need to be signed up as a Walmart+ member. You'll get a 30-days FREE trial, and then it'll cost $12.95 per month thereafter. Throughout the week you'll get access to loads of deals, and as part of the membership you'll also get free shipping with no minimal order, savings on fuel, auto care, returns from home and more.

Keep reading to find out exactly what these vacuums are (although our featured image is a bit of a giveaway) then, head to our best vacuum cleaners guide for our top rated and reviewed options.

VacLife Cordless Handheld Vacuum | was $99.99 now $47.49 at Walmart

VacLife Cordless Handheld Vacuum | was $99.99 now $47.49 at Walmart

This handheld vacuum has a 70,000 R/MIN motorized brushbar which is designed to lift pet hair and other stubborn messes. It also has a decent runtime of 20 minutes, and a charge time of 3 - 4 hours.

Being so compact this vac is portable. What I like about this is that it can be used around the home or car. This type of appliance is super helpful to have charged and ready to go when you are, so for a price under $50 it'll worth a punt.

iRobot Roomba i4+ Robot Vacuum | was $466 now $349 at Walmart

iRobot Roomba i4+ Robot Vacuum | was $466 now $349 at Walmart

iRobot is always a popular choice during sales events and this one will be no exception, I'm sure of it. It'll vacuum your home (no mopping) and it promises to pull stubborn dirt and messes with a 3-stage cleaning system. The i4+ will automatically empty in a dock and you won't need to empty this for 30 days.

With a saving of $117.08 bringing the price you pay down to $349, this is a robot vacuum to be considered for your home for complete automation.

Roborock Qrevo S Robot Vacuum and Mop | was $799 now $649.99 at Walmart

Roborock Qrevo S Robot Vacuum and Mop | was $799 now $649.99 at Walmart

This self-emptying, self-washing and self-drying Roborock robot vacuum will be a great aid to have around the home. What I like about it is that it'll automatically adjust dust emptying based on hair build-up and then, on average, you won't need to empty the bag for up to 7 weeks. And what I love about it is that the multifunctional dock refills the water tank when the level is low.

Snipped by $150, you sure are getting a lot for your money with this Roborock robot vac.

Want to get more deals? Amazon Prime Day is next month. You'll need to be a Prime member to access these deals too, but this one is only a two-day event so you won't have as long to ponder about what to buy. Often when you find even vacuums under $200 you'll need to be quick because this is a popular price point for many.

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