What are ventless dryers?

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What are ventless dryers? The vented dryer is the most popular and common type of clothes dryer, so you might find yourself wondering exactly how its ventless sibling delivers fresh, dry clothes without a vent. 

Ventless dryers are some of the best dryers for those who do not have vents installed in their home. Typically compact, they can also fit comfortably into small homes and apartments. 

As Appliance Repair Technician Jeff Russell explains in the following article, a ventless dryer uses the process of condensation to dry your clothes. Knowing how to properly use and maintain a ventless dryer is essential to a happy and healthy machine.

How does a ventless dryer work?

A ventless dryer is plugged into an electrical socket.

Unlike vented dryers, a ventless dryer model does not depend upon a connection to a vent. All it needs is a working electrical socket. “No outside ventilation is required, allowing you to install your ventless dryer almost anywhere in your home,” explains Jeff Russell, an Appliance Repair Technician.

What the expert says...

Jeff Russell, Appliance Repair Technician at Diamond Appliance Repair, says, “A ventless dryer uses condensation drying technology to evaporate moisture from your clothes during the drying cycle. The best way to ensure that your ventless dryer runs properly is by following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it. Keeping up with regular maintenance is key for keeping your ventless dryer running smoothly and efficiently over time."

• The machine uses condensation drying technology to dry your clothes.

Once the cycle begins, the machine pulls in cool air from the room. The air is heated up inside the machine and then channeled through the chamber containing the wet clothes. Using the process of condensation, the heated air evaporates moisture from the clothes. The moist air is then passed over a cooling device, which condenses the moisture from the clothes. The process repeats itself until the cycle ends.

• Excess moisture is collected in a water tank or collection container.

“Instead of using a large exhaust hose to expel hot air out of the house (as traditional dryers do), a ventless model captures the moisture produced by the drying cycle in an internal water tank or external collection container,” Russell says.

How to use and maintain a ventless dryer

• Do not overload the dryer.

Overloading a dryer reduces its efficiency. “A full load should contain no more than four or five items at once,” says Russell. 

• Empty all pockets to prevent blockages in the machine.

• Empty the chamber and clean any lint buildup in the filter between every load.

“This will help to increase airflow within the machine, which will help to reduce energy usage,” he explains.

• Regularly check the hose connections.  

“Make sure that all hoses are securely connected and free from any lint or debris build-up,” Russell advises.

• Regularly empty the water tank or collection container.

This will prevent the tank or container from overflowing into other areas of the home.

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