What's the most powerful leaf blower?

Most powerful leaf blower
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If you have a backyard or space to clear every fall, and you’re fed up with the backbreaking task of raking it over and over, you’re probably wondering what’s the most powerful leaf blower you can purchase.

The truth is, the power you need in one of the best leaf blowers really depends on the size of your backyard, and what kind of debris you’re dealing with. If you have an average yard, with average leaf fall, then you don’t necessarily need to look for a beast of a blower.

That being said, there are certain specs that are important, according to MyJobQuote gardening expert Fiona Jenkins. “When looking at the output of a leaf blower, there are two different figures to look out for,” explains Jenkins. “The cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the miles per hour (mph). The CFM measurement describes how much air the blower blows out, and the MPH describes the speed of the air movement.”

What the expert says...

Aside from the specs mentioned here, Jenkins has one more piece of common-sense advice. “The most important thing is to choose a leaf blower that is comfortable to use. For this reason, you shouldn’t choose a leaf blower that weighs more than 6.5kg as anything heavier may make it very uncomfortable for you to use for long periods of time.” 

“A higher CPM will allow you to blow a lot of leaves at once, and a higher MPH will allow you to move heavier debris and wet leaves. You should consider these two things when choosing the right leaf blower for you.”

But if you’re still after maximum strength, our guide will take you through five of the most powerful leaf blowers available to buy right now. Plus we’ll have more advice on what kind of spec you’re likely to need for your backyard. 

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What's the most powerful leaf blower?

We’ve checked the latest options available to find the five most powerful leaf blowers you can use domestically. We’ve organized them by cubic feet per meter (CFM).

Champion Power Equipment Gas Leaf Blower

This walk-behind leaf blower features an impressive 1300 CFM and 160 MPH speed. It’s also pretty easy to move about your yard, with front-swiveling 360-degree wheels and an ergonomic handle. 

ECHO PB-9010T Backpack Leaf Blower

Echo claims their backpack gas-powered leaf blower is the most powerful leaf blower in the world. It features a 79.9cc engine, 1110 CFM, and a top speed of 220 MPH. It also has a heavy-duty padded backpack for comfort and a fan intake so that your back stays cool during operation. 

Worx 40V Turbine Cordless

This cordless handheld lawn blower has a top speed of 165 MPH and a huge 1035 CFM. Worx says its blower can unglue the stickiest debris from the ground. Plus you can share the batteries with any other Worx cordless tool.

 Husqvarna 570BTS Gas Backpack Leaf Blower

With a top speed of 236 MPH and 972 CFM, this gas backpack blower also features a 65.6CC X-TorqⓇ engine and a commercial grade air filter. It’s also built for comfort with wide harness straps and soft-grip handles. 

Toro PowerJet F700 

This corded electric leaf blower features a 140 MPH speed and 723 CFM. In fact, Toro say it has the highest CFM of any corded electric leaf blower. Weighing 6.7 pounds, it’s pretty heavy for a handheld device, but hundreds of happy customers have given it the thumbs up for power on Amazon and on the Toro website.

Do you need an ultra-powerful leaf blower?

There are three types of leaf blowers you can buy, and their power tends to go up the bigger they get:

• Handheld leaf blowers: Often used for domestic purposes, these are carried in front of the body and are usually fairly compact.

• Backpack leaf blowers: These feature a blower tube to carry, while the engine is carried on the back in a shoulder harness. These engines tend to have more power, so they’re ideal for longer use in bigger areas.

• Walk-behind leaf blowers: These machines will have the highest power so they’re a great choice for very large areas. You’ll need a suitable garage space to store one though.

Best Leaf Blowers

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So what kind of leaf blower would suit you? “This would depend on the type of debris in your backyard and the size of the area,” says Jenkins. “A standard handheld leaf blower would work great if you have a small backyard and are looking to move just dry leaves. These machines also tend to be cheaper, so you can save yourself some money this way.” Handheld leaf blowers can be electric or gas-powered.

Most experts tend to recommend a CFM of between 300 and 600 for the average-sized backyard. This should be enough to clear any twigs, leaves, and other debris quickly and effortlessly.

However, Jenkins points out that if you’re working with a large area, or if you want to move heavier debris or wet leaves, “it would be better to opt for a machine with a higher output,” such as a backpack gas-powered leaf blower, or even a walk-behind leaf blower.

Is engine size important? In Jenkins’ opinion, it doesn’t need to be huge for domestic purposes. “Anything over 25cc is sufficient enough to do a good job at clearing the average garden space.”

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