What’s the price of an electric lawn mower?

Price of an electric lawn mower
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If you’re looking to invest in a new mower, you may be wondering: what’s the price of an electric lawn mower? Electric lawn mowers are a superb choice if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option than the gas alternative. Plus, they are more eco-friendly, making them a fantastic option for both your wallet and the planet. 

While they tend to be less expensive than gas models, the price of an electric lawn mower varies depending on several factors. The first trade-off is whether you want to pay more for a cordless model. You’ll also want to consider whether to invest in a self-propelling model or if a push mower is sufficient for your needs. 

Whatever your budget, there’s an electric lawn mower for you, with prices ranging from $100 to $8000. Once you’ve firmed up your budget, why not check out our guide to the best electric lawn mowers (opens in new tab).

Want to take the chore out of mowing a large yard? One of the best riding lawn mowers (opens in new tab) can make it a breeze. Looking for a mower to take care of the work for you? One of the best robot lawn mowers (opens in new tab) may be worth the splurge. 

What’s the price of an electric lawn mower?

What the expert says…

Andy Massignan, Product Director for the Residential Lawn Portfolio at AriensCo (opens in new tab) says that you should expect to pay between $4000–$8000 for top-end models. “In addition to bigger batteries to extend run time, other premium features include self-propelled drive systems to make mowing easier on large or hilly properties, comfort features such as ergonomic handles and grips to minimize vibration from the mower, and a steel deck construction to ensure the mower lasts a long time." 

So what’s the price of an electric lawn mower? From budget to blowout, electric lawn mowers vary considerably in price. We’ll walk you through how much you can expect to pay for the features you need. 

First of all, you’ll want to decide whether you would prefer a cordless or a corded model. The difference? A cordless model makes it convenient to reach those far-flung areas of the yard, but it comes at a price. Corded models start at about $100, while a cordless model may set you back between $200–$500.

Next up, you have the choice of push or self-propelling models. Push mowers offer a wallet–friendly option, while self-propelling models will assist you in pushing the lawn mower forward, making it easier to complete your task. They may be worth the investment if you’re on a large site or you would struggle to maneuver a mower without assistance.

In addition to the initial outlay, don’t forget to factor in running costs. You’ll be pleased to know that electric lawn mowers are relatively inexpensive compared to their gas counterparts. You’ll pay in the region of 20 to 60 cents an hour.

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