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Where to buy treadmills online: folding running machines for home delivery

Where to buy treadmills online: folding running machines for home delivery
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With gyms temporarily closed, fitness equipment has been selling in abundance as more people look to exercise at home. Many of us have been searching for ways to transition our workouts to a home gym environment, and that's in addition to people who may not have had a home exercise routine before, but are looking to adopt one now to enhance their general health and fitness.

Walking and running are good forms of cardio exercise that can help you lose or maintain weight, as well as boost your heart health. The mental health benefits of walking and running are manifold too – they help you de-stress, cope better with feelings of worry or anxiety, and even increase your focus and productivity.

Social distancing measures means that we need to keep two meters apart from other people outside of our household, but if you don't fancy dealing with that while out on a run or walk, a treadmill means you can do these forms of exercises whenever you want indoors.

While they are selling fast online, and we've seen a lot of treadmills out of stock, stocks levels are beginning to recover after the initial rush for home exercise equipment in March and April. As such, below we've rounded up the major online stores where you can still buy treadmills for home delivery. We’ve also picked out a few of our favorite running machines that are still available online right now, a couple of which feature in our guide to the best treadmills.

Treadmills vary enormously in terms of price and features, with some offering a gym-level professional experience for your home, while others can be neatly folded-up when not in use. Just like some of the best exercise bikes for home workouts, top treadmills boast smart features to help you gain more insight into your fitness levels.

That means they’ll track your distance, calories burned and heart rate, and gather that data for you to view at the end of your workout so that you can stay on top of your fitness goals. For more accurate levels of heart rate monitoring, you may even choose to wear a smartwatch while working out, or take a look at our round-up of the best fitness trackers for real sports-focused smarts.

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