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Why Convert WMA to MP3?

The WMA (Windows Media Audio) format is commonly used on many music download services and is compatible with many Windows-based programs. Originally, Microsoft claimed that WMA files had the same quality as MP3 files with half the size. Independent testing has disputed this claim, but WMA may still have slightly better quality than MP3. So why convert WMA files to MP3?

Though they may not apply to you, there are several reasons to convert WMA to MP3. The most important is compatibility. Even though WMA is popular in Windows programs, there are still many multimedia programs and MP3 players that are incompatible with this format. MP3, on the other hand, is so ubiquitous that almost any program or device will play it.

Another reason to convert WMA to MP3 is if the file will be used on Mac-based software. While some Macintosh programs will play WMA, not all will.

It is also a good idea to convert WMA to MP3 if you are putting music or sounds into a website. File size might not be an issue because WMA file sizes may be better than MP3, but the compatibility issue is still important for people visiting your website. Depending on the type of computer and software that visitors use, they might not be able to play WMA files on your site. It s far more likely that MP3 will be compatible with every system that visits the site.

The bottom line is that you may want to convert WMA to MP3 because the MP3 codec is more standard on all devices and software programs. While WMA has advantages, you just can t beat the compatibility of MP3 files.

If you are interested in converting WMA files to MP3, visit our Audio Converter software site to select the program that will help you make the transition.