Why the new Avocado Mattress face mask is worth adding to your virus protection kit

Why the new Avocado Mattress face mask is worth adding to your virus protection kit
(Image credit: Avocado Green)

Organic sleep brand Avocado Mattress has released a host of new wellness and sleep products for winter 2020, including a full redesign of its organic cotton protective face covering for adults and children. The new Avocado Mattress Face Mask has built-in filter pockets, ready for your filter material of choice, and cost $30 for a 4-pack at Avocado.

Avocado Green is one of the best mattress online brands for organic mattresses, so little wonder it’s redesigned fabric face mask is made from organic cotton. Whereas the original Avocado Green Face Mask was only available in Canvas, the new additions are available in five different prints, including a botanical Garden Party design and a star print Northern Lights. The masks cost $30 for a four-pack regardless of size or print choice.

Avocado Mattress is one several mattress brands selling face masks, but it stands out by using 100% GOTS organic certified cotton for its beautiful face coverings, except for the botanical Garden Party version, which uses a mix of cotton and linen. 

The brand has also released a host of new sleep products, including a temperature moderating, all-season Alpaca Duvet Insert (from $299), as well as an Organic Mini Pillow ($49) that’s perfect for snoozing on the go. It features 100% GOLS organic certified latex, with a soft-touch organic cotton covering.

Why the new Avocado Face Mask is worth buying

Official CDC guidance recommends that all of us should wear a face covering to help slow the spread, whether that’s a homemade face covering, a fabric mask, or if you’re aged over 60 and living in an area with active virus transmission, a medical grade mask (not to be confused with an N95 respirator mask, as used by health professionals). 

These types of coverings offer a degree of protection when you’re in close contact with someone outside of your household, and also help protect others from infection if you have coronavirus symptoms. Don’t forget, some people are also asymptomatic, which means they don’t have any symptoms such as loss of taste, a new cough or a fever - read our guide to the best digital thermometers for advice on how to take your temperature.

Why the new Avocado Mattress face masks are worth adding to your virus protection kit

(Image credit: Avocado Green)

Each mask has a pocket for particulate filters
The redesigned Avocado Green masks now have particulate filter pockets, which are an important design feature for a face mask. According to Loretta Fernandez, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Northeastern University, who authored a study on face mask materials, a particulate filter can be highly protective: “The idea is to create an efficient series of layers with bends within the fabric that make it harder for the virus to have a straight shot at a person’s nose.”

The Avocado Green Face Mask has an internal pocket sewn along one third of the mask, making it easy for you to slip your particulate filter inside. You could even use a coffee filter inside your mask to add an extra layer of protection.  Just remember to take it out before washing the mask.

Each mask is made from non-toxic materials
The Avocado Mattress Face Mask uses non-toxic material, and is made with a two seven-ounce layer of cotton for better airflow, making the mask more comfortable to breathe in during longer periods of wear. That organic cotton should also be kinder on your skin, as there will be no nasties rubbing up against it.

They’re simple to wear and wash
The Organic Cotton Face Mask comes with either tie loops that fasten behind your head, or with elasticated loops that go over your ears. The masks can be thrown in your front-load washer with your regular laundry, making them simple to care for. And if you’re popping them in your dryer afterwards, dry them on a low heat only, and keep in mind that some slight shrinkage is to be expected when drying them this way. We prefer to line dry our face coverings on sunnier days.

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