Your Kindle just got simpler to use thanks to this Amazon update

Your Kindle just got simpler to use thanks to this Amazon update
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Kindle alert! Amazon is releasing a significant software update for its Kindle range of ebook readers, making them easier to use. 

The update which will be available for the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis lineup is being unveiled for all users. With it comes improved ways to use the popular range of ebook readers bringing it more in line with other intuitive tablets and similar devices. 

The most pivotal change is that users can now swipe down from the screen to adjust display brightness, toggle Airplane mode on or off, change Bluetooth settings as well as automatic syncing, and easily navigate to All Settings. There will also be a new bottom navigation bar that makes it easier to switch between Home, Library and the book you're currently reading. 

Those changes have taken effect now with our Kindle Paperwhite already updated to this new and easier to use method. It's certainly a bit quicker to switch between the Library and Home screen and being able to reach settings faster is always convenient.

Amazon Kindle could get even better

Later in the year, Amazon plans to improve things further with a new and improved "Home and Library experience" that will offer a revamped Library that has new filter and sort menus. It will also have a new collections view and an interactive scrollbar. The updated Home portal will be tweaked too with a Recently Read section that stores up to 20 items at the swipe of the screen. 

We're still waiting for new Kindles to arrive on the market with rumors suggesting it will happen soon. For now, the latest Kindle Paperwhite is a well-regarded eBook reader and the standard Kindle compares favorably to the Amazon Fire

Regular software updates to the Kindle range also meant that earlier in the year, you could begin setting a book cover as your Kindle's screensaver and downloads were made faster too. It sounds like the update we'll see later in the year should be more noticeable though but should improve the user's experience a fair bit. Keep an eye on your Kindle. When it does come through, it should update automatically. For now, enjoy a slightly easier way to switch between your library and book choice. 

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