Pros / This medical billing service offers to pay your monthly EHR subscription fees.

Cons / There is no dedicated practice management software.

 Verdict / BillingParadise has some great features that can make your medical billing process less of a hassle for your office. However, it does have some drawbacks, such as a contract.

BillingParadise is a medical billing service with some great features to improve your practice's billing process. This company works with a variety of practices of different sizes. It can submit claims 24/7. To do this, however, it has some offices in India. The service charges a percentage of your collections, excluding copays and self-pay patients. There are no startup costs, though you do have to sign a 12-month contract.

This medical billing company will handle your medical billing tasks from claim submission to follow-up. The service scrubs your claims for any inconsistencies and submits all claims to the appropriate channels, including secondary claims. If any claims are rejected or denied, BillingParadise will send you the claims with details on what needs to be fixed so they can be resubmitted.

This medical biller sends out patient statements regularly. It also provides patient support, so patients who have questions about billing can call the company directly, freeing up your staff's time. If necessary, BillingParadise can transfer unpaid accounts to collection agencies at your request.

BillingParadise is HIPAA compliant. It also provides support to its clients for the ICD-10 transition through planned testing and support databases.

One of BillingParadise's notable features is its electronic health records (EHR) integration. Like other services we reviewed, this company can interface with many EHR systems, so if you already have one installed, you don't have to worry about migrating data. If you're paying a monthly subscription fee for your EHR, this medical billing company offers to take on your payments. It does not have its own practice management software, however. Some other services in our review offer their own EHR and practice management software in a suite with their medical billing software.

BillingParadise does offer practice analysis, which looks at your practice's overall financial performance and lets you know of any ways you can improve. This part of the service is on a monthly or as-needed basis.

There are several resources on the BillingParadise website with additional information about the company and medical billing in general. You can contact the company through phone, email or live chat. While it may take a little while to contact anyone through live chat, the representatives are quick and willing to answer questions once you get a hold of them.

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BillingParadise has much to offer for a variety of medical practices. It covers all the tasks of your medical billing process. Although it doesn't have its own set of software like some of the top services we reviewed, it can interface with a variety of third-party software. It even offers to pay for your EHR subscriptions.

BillingParadise Compare Quotes

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