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Best Bathroom Scales: top smart scales for measuring weight

Best Bathroom Scales: top smart scales for measuring weight

We spent more than 30 hours testing the accuracy, consistency and ease-of-use of 12 of the best smart scales. Based on our test results, we recommend the Yunmai Premium as the best scale. The Yunmai Premium offers the most consistent readings and allows for an unlimited number of user profiles. It has an intuitive companion app that creates progress charts.You can also sync it with popular third-party fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health.

Best bathroom scales

Yunmai Premium

Yunmai Premium

It comes with a five-year guarantee.
It consistently reads your weight accurately.
It syncs with popular third-party apps.
It doesn't track calorie intake.
The app is a little difficult to learn.
It only creates graphs to show your weight and body fat.

The Yunmai Premium scale costs almost 50 percent less than the top product, which makes it a highly affordable smart scale. In our testing, it provided accurate and consistent weight readings and was easy to set up and use.

It can record information for up to 16 users, so you can share this device at work or with your household. Each time a user steps on the scale, their weight gets synced to their Android or iOS device. After enough data has been added, you can view your health stats in charts on the app. Unfortunately, it only shows you weight and body fat percentage in graph form.Using the app, you can set goals and choose what information you share with friends and family members. This app, while initially difficult to learn, can also help you keep track of your BMI and body fat percentage. Unfortunately, it doesn't record calorie intake, but it can help you track the amount of water you consume. This scale has one of the best warranties on the market, spanning five years.

You can choose between a white or black design. The scale is attractive and will fit in most bathrooms. It is by far the heaviest scale we tested, weighing 6.8 pounds. It requires four AAA batteries to work. With dimensions of about 13 inches wide by 13 inches long, it can accommodate people with larger feet.

Best Value

Weight Gurus

Weight Gurus

It can sync to third-party apps.
It can handle up to 400 pounds.
The scale is covered by a five-year warranty.
It doesn't measure caloric intake.
It doesn't track your water intake.
You must create an account.

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale gives accurate weight readings and is the most consistent scale of any we tested. No matter how many times our testers stepped on it in immediate succession, the number it showed was the same.

It has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds to accommodate people with a wide range of weights. You can have up to eight user accounts linked to the scale, so you and your household can all use it and have it sync your data to your mobile devices. Unfortunately, you must have an account to use this scale. Should a guest use it, it will try to record that guest's weight to an existing account.

This scale comes with its own app but can also pair with Fitbit, Apple's Health app, Google Fit, Amazon's Alexa app and MyFitnessPal. The scale measures and documents your body fat, lean mass, water weight, bone mass and BMI. The Weight Gurus app doesn't allow you to track your fitness or your caloric intake, so you will need to use a separate app to track that info.

It takes four AAA batteries to run, which is typical for this kind of scale. It measures 12.6 inches long by 12.6 inches wide. It also comes with a five-year warranty, one of the best we've seen for this kind of device.

Best for Weight Loss

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale

Provides accurate, consistent measurements
Measures up to 400 pounds
Intuitive app
Doesn’t track food and water intake
No food and water intake tracking

The iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale is a useful tool for people who are trying to lose weight. It is easy to program and can store up to 10 user profiles.

Its maximum user weight is 400 pounds, and it measures and tracks weight, body mass index and body fat. It can also record body water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass. However, you must use its app to read those measurements. To download the app, you just have scan a QR code with your mobile device. This smart scale doesn’t track your specific food and water intake, but it does help you set weight loss goals and monitor your daily calorie intake. It even lets you check the weather. The iHealth Core is bigger and bulkier than most scales we tested, but that can be a benefit for larger users. It provides accurate, consistent measurements and has an opaque, neutral design.

Most User-Friendly

QardioBase Wireless Smart Scale

The QardioBase Wireless Smart Scale has an easy-to-use companion app that automatically syncs your data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

Once the scale is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the the app receives your updated measurements every time you step on the scale, and the data is stored on Qardio’s secure cloud. This scale is also compatible with the Apple Health and MyFitnessPal apps, so you can continue track exercise and monitor your measurements using one of those popular fitness trackers if you choose. The Qardio app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, including the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

This smart scale measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass and water and bone composition, and it can manage an unlimited number of users. It also has a dedicated pregnancy mode that tracks weekly progress and allows moms-to-be to add pictures to the weekly updates and share them on popular social media platforms. The QardioBase has a 396 pound weight limit, which is average for our test group, and it produced consistently accurate measurements in our tests.

The sleek round design measures less than an inch thick, 12.5 inches in diameter and weighs less than four pounds, which makes it easy to tuck away in tight spaces. The compact and sleek design also make it more susceptible to tipping and sliding around on hard and slippery flooring surfaces.

Best Design

Withings Body

Withings Body

The measurements are unique and accurate.
It doesn't track meals.

The Withings Body offers the best variety of measurements of the smart scales we tested, including weight, body fat, heart rate and body mass index (BMI). It even tells you the indoor air quality and gives you daily weather forecasts.

This smart scale ranked among the best in our test group for both consistency and accuracy. It measured free weights to within a tenth of a pound, and when our reviewers rapidly stepped on and off the scale several times in succession, it displayed the same weight nearly every time. In addition to weight, the large LCD screen displays an eight-day trend of your last weigh-ins and automatically calculates BMI.

The Withings Body has a mode for pregnant women and a mode for babies. The pregnancy mode helps expectant mothers track their pregnancy weight gain, and the baby mode lets you monitor your baby’s weight. For the baby mode, you step on the scale with him or her in your arms, and the app tracks your child’s growth. The scale automatically recognizes up to eight users, and each person’s data is independently synced with his or her profile in the Health Mate companion app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

The app goes beyond weight measurements by adding activity and sleep tracking, and it includes an alarm that wakes you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. The Withings Body is also compatible with more than 100 popular third-party fitness apps, including Apple Health, Nike Training Club and MyFitnessPal.

Why trust us on the best bathroom scales?

We’ve tested bathroom scales for the past five years. In our most recent testing, we compared 10 scales for more than 30 hours looking for products that offered the best accuracy, ease of use and the most consistent readings. Our testers were a group of men and women of varying heights, weights and body types. We used their information to compare each scale's ability to measure body fat percentage, weight and body mass index (BMI). In order to simulate weight gain and weight loss, we had our testers carry various free weights onto the scales.

We thoroughly tested each scale's app to see what features it offered and what fitness information it recorded. We also checked the scales for compatibility with third-party apps and listed the ones they could pair with. 

How We Tested

In order to test accuracy, we had our testers carry free weights onto the scales to see if the numbers accurately displayed the change. All of the scales except one measured within one pound of the user's weight. The more accuracy a scale achieved, the higher it scored in our evaluation. We also scored scales higher if they could handle more weight. The typical weight limit for most scales is around 400 pounds.

Since consistency is the only way to get accurate readings, we had our testers repeatedly step on the scales in quick succession to see if they gave the same weight each time. The most consistent products scored higher than the others. We looked for various features, such as the number of user accounts a scale allowed, the various fitness metrics it recorded and the length of the warranty it came with. Scales that worked with both Apple and Android devices scored higher.

While evaluating an app's ease of use, we looked to see which health data was visible in chart and graph form. The more options it provided, the better. We looked for calorie and fitness trackers, as well as any additional body stats like BMI, muscle mass, bone density and hydration levels. We also scored scales on their overall appearance. We scored scales higher if they were aesthetically pleasing while not drawing attention to themselves.

Weighing buying decisions

The Smart Price to Pay for a Smart Scale

We tested smart scales ranging in price from about $50 to more than $250, with an average price just under $120. Pricing can be based on a scale’s biometric readouts, tracking capability, connectivity and associated apps. Generally, the more a scale offers, the more it will cost.


Most smart scales connect to your Wi-Fi in order to sync to your mobile device. Some only allow you to use the scale's proprietary app, while others can also sync to popular third-party apps such as Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Amazon's Alexa app and Google Fit. You typically need to create a user account for a smart scale to work properly. The user account maximum can vary from as few as one to an unlimited number, so you should make sure the scale you buy can accommodate your household. These scales can sometime identify who you are the minute you step on them and send the data to your phone, making updates incredibly easy.


In addition to measuring your weight, many smart scales measure body fat, lean mass, BMI, water weight and bone mass. Some even provide graphs and charts of your progress as you use them. Some apps are more user-friendly than others, but most of them allow you to set goals and reminders to help you stay on track. These scales are designed to protect your privacy from other users, so your information is only shared if you want it to be.


You should look for a scale that doesn't look out of place in your bathroom and won't get in the way of your day-to-day tasks. Most scales are around an inch tall, but they vary when it comes to length and width. Smaller scales can fit easier in a room, but they might not feel as comfortable for people with larger feet. The best warranties typically last for five years or more.

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Connectivity 

There are two wireless connectivity options for sending information from a smart scale to a mobile app: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The primary advantage of using a smart scale with Wi-Fi connectivity is that you don’t need to have your phone or fitness tracker near the scale to log a weigh-in. Some of the Bluetooth scales we tested save the data until the next time you sync the device, but most of the cheaper Bluetooth scales do not. Wi-Fi scales send all the data a smart scale collects to fitness-tracking apps, regardless of where the device is located.

Another advantage of Wi-Fi scales is connection stability. Although the setup is a bit more involved for Wi-Fi smart scales, once these scales are connected to your home network, Wi-Fi connections are much more reliable than Bluetooth syncing. We noticed a huge volume of customer complaints about constant syncing issues with Bluetooth scales, even the ones that save data.   

The only reason to consider a Bluetooth smart scale over a Wi-Fi scale is cost. The best Bluetooth scale we tested is less than $50, and there are several cheaper models available. In contrast, the best Wi-Fi scales in our test group range from $100 to $200. If you are serious about tracking your weight using a smart scale and companion fitness app, we suggest using a Wi-Fi-enabled scale because it will ensure consistent tracking without requiring you to keep your devices close by.

What is Body Composition?

Some scales, like the one we tested from iHealth, measure more than just the weight of your body. Body composition is an important aspect of your overall health, as your weight is made up of not just fat, but muscle, liquids and other things that are an important part of keeping you healthy. Some scales measure your body composition and will tell you how much fat, protein, minerals and water your body is made of. This way if you're trying to shrink your waistline you can watch for your fat mass to decrease while your muscle mass increases. Seeing your overall weight increase a little isn't always a bad thing, as muscle mass weighs more than fat.

Having a very high percentage of fat in your body can cause health problems including hypertension, respiratory issues and gallbladder disease. Using a scale to tell you how your body weight is broken down can be an extremely important tool for staying healthy and avoiding doctor visits. Using a body composition scale to monitor your muscle growth can also be extremely helpful for athletes or those participating in professional bodybuilding. Knowing what’s going on inside your body is key to meeting your weight or fitness goals, and body composition is a big part of that.


It's easy to forget about your bathroom scale once you find a place to keep it. However, you should keep it clean so that it continues to be accurate and quick. Use a small brush or cloth to wipe away dust weekly, and keep the surface of the scale clean. If this doesn't quite do the trick, try using a damp cloth. It’s important not to get the scale too wet, particularly if it has batteries. Clean gently; pressing too hard on the scale's pan can mess up the weighing mechanism and cause your scale to display incorrectly. Never turn it upside down and apply a lot of pressure. If you've removed the batteries for a while, it's important to calibrate the scale when you reinstall the batteries. Some scales do this automatically, but others include instructions for how to do so. Finally, to make sure your scale gives you an accurate readout, weigh the same item repeatedly and ensure the readings are identical. As with any household appliance, keeping your scale clean and free of debris will give it a longer and more useful life.

ProductPriceOverall RatingScale Measurement CapabilitiesApp Capabilities & TrackingDesignCustomer SupportAccuracyConsistencyMaximum Body Weight (pounds)Number of UsersBody Mass Index (BMI)Body FatUsabilityAndroidiOSSyncs with Third-Party AppsAutomatic Data UploadData SharingGoal SettingDaily Calorie IntakeAdditional Body StatsCharts & GraphsMeal & Snack InputWater IntakeAestheticsBattery TypeScale Weight (pounds)Height (inches)Length (inches)Width (inches)WarrantyOnline Product ManualFAQsEmail SupportGeneral Phone SupportBlog Community Forums
iHealth Core Wireless Body CompositionView Deal5/5109.59.57.895%95%4001090%--90%4 AAA5.5113.813.81 Year--
Yunmai PremiumView Deal5/5108.79.89.595%100%3961685%--95%4 AAA6.81.212.912.95 Years
Withings BodyView Deal4.5/59.59.5107.890%90%396890%--100%4 AAA4.61.614.414.41 Year--
QardioBase Wireless Smart ScaleView Deal4.5/5108.89.3895%95%396Unlimited95%---100%8 AAA40.86N/A12.53 Years--
Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart BodyView Deal4.5/5107.89.8895%100%400885%---95%4 AAA4.50.912.612.65 Years--
BlueAnatomy Wireless iBF5View Deal4.5/59.87.897.880%95%396Unlimited75%----80%4 AAA4.4112.612.61 Year--
Escali SmartConnect Body ScaleView Deal4/587.89.89.595%100%4401-90%----95%4 AAA4.4112.612.6Lifetime-

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