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The iRush GUCEE HD96 is one of the least-expensive webcams we reviewed. It has decent functionality as a fully articulating, manual-focus web camera, but it does have some obvious shortcomings –


Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer upd


The Ausdom AW615 is a webcam that affords users the best in video specifications and an easy-to-use design. Although it doesn’t have everything you might expect from the best webcam, like the Lo

Best Slide to Digital Image Converters

Bring your old slides, negatives and other outdated film back to life with these slide to digital image converters.


The Zonoz FS-ONE is a slide to digital image converter with decent ease of use and 35 mm format compatibility. Though it is slightly limited in features – at least in comparison with the best sl

Wolverine Titan

The Wolverine Titan easily earns its place at the top of our list because of its innovative design and easy usability. With features like an oversized display screen and an SD card slot, it makes conv

Best Touchscreen Monitors

Revitalize your home office by adding a touchscreen monitor. These fun gadgets can work in conjunction with a keyboard and mouse, or they can perform all the same functions with just a touch of your finger.


The ASUS VT207N is different from the other touchscreen monitors we reviewed. For example, at 19.5 inches, its screen is smaller than that of any other monitor in our comparison, and its resolution is

HP EliteDisplay

The HP EliteDisplay looks and feels a lot like a traditional monitor, which makes it difficult to use as a touchscreen. Unlike the displays in our review with more thoughtful designs, which are light

Lenovo ThinkVision T2364t

The Lenovo ThinkVision’s size is impressive for a touchscreen display. The 22.5-inch screen is larger than average compared to the other models in our review. It is also one of only two monitors

Dell P2418HT

The Dell P2418HT looks more like a traditional monitor than some of the other touchscreens we tested. While we would normally consider this a downside, the upright stand has a very flexible arm.

ViewSonic TD2230

The ViewSonic TD2230’s design is very similar to that of the Planar PCT2235. Their touchscreen displays have the same thin bezel design and screen size; they also weigh the same, only 7.9 pounds

Planar PCT2235

You want a touchscreen monitor that is comfortable to use and well designed, features a quality display, and easily connects to your computer. The Planar PCT2235 is a very well-rounded option that mee

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

On the surface, the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort looks like a cheap plastic mouse with a traditional curved shape. This couldn’t be further from reality. The body is made of heavy solid plastic with

Microsoft Arc Touch

When you line up multiple Bluetooth mice next to each other, the Microsoft Arc Touch is one of the few that stands out because of its unique design. Because of its build, it is a highly portable and v

Logitech Ultrathin

With a shape and weight that’s like a contoured skipping stone, the Logitech Ultrathin T630 is easily the smallest and thinnest Bluetooth mouse we reviewed. It tested well on each surface and ha

Logitech MX Master

Logitech is a leader in computer accessories, and the MX Master is one of the higher-end additions to its wireless mouse collection. And it's good. It's very good. With excellent laser hardware, it re

Logitech M535

The Logitech M535 has steady build quality and scrolls decently well on a variety of users. In our benchmarking, we tested the wireless Bluetooth mouse on surface types you find in a typical home or o

Lenovo N700

Thanks to its unconventional design, the Lenovo N700 is one of the more distinctive Bluetooth mice we reviewed. With its features and design, the N700 is a versatile Bluetooth mouse for presentations

JETech M0884

While the JETech M0884 lacks the name recognition of other Bluetooth mice, this budget wireless Bluetooth mouse benefits from impressive performance despite its low price tag. During our performance t

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