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Sound Card vs. External DAC

 You have a sweet setup for gaming, music and movies, but you noticed static coming through your speakers or headphones, or maybe it was a hiss or pops. Whatever the case, you started considering

4 Best Sound Cards for Gaming

Playing a video game is an immersive experience that's about more than just jaw-dropping graphics. As pretty as a game is, it's nothing without a sweeping soundtrack, dramatic vocal performances and c

Best Trackpads Review

A trackpad, also known as a touchpad, is a device that you can use for pointing on a computer display. It uses a tactile sensor that can interpret the pressure of your fingers and translate it into th

TrendNet AC1200 Wireless Adapter Offers Easy Setup

TrendNet’s AC1200 wireless adapter offers quick and painless setup, making it easy to connect your desktop or laptop computer to your home network so you can start using the internet almost inst

Best Wireless Presenters Review

If you give professional presentations using PowerPoint or similar software, wireless presenters, also known as presenter remotes or even presenter pens, aren't your only option – they're just t

Best Wireless Computer Speakers Review

The world has been transformed in recent years by exciting portable technology, including laptops, iPods and MP3 players, iPhones and smartphones, and now the iPad. It was only a matter of time before

Best External DVD Burners Review

External DVD Burners are portable burners that can read, write or rewrite CDs and DVDs for storage or sharing. Unlike internal drives, they can be moved from computer to computer and use an external p

Best TV Tuner Card Review

Why Buy a TV Tuner Card? Everyday many people ask themselves "How do I watch TV on my computer?" When you hook up your cable or antenna to a television, all you're essentially doing is conn

Best Budget Computer Speakers

  Choosing the Best Budget Computer Speakers for Your System You don’t need to set aside a lot of money when you start looking for a good quality set of computer speakers. Unlike speakers

Best Computer Speakers Under $100

Adding a set of computer speakers to your desktop or laptop doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive. In fact, if you’re looking to add some speakers to your computer for gaming, streaming

Best Computer Speakers Under $50

There was once a time when external computer speakers didn’t even exist – mostly because computers weren’t used for what they are used for today – but now they’re conside

Blank Media Disc Basics

There are many disc types, utilized by a variety of applications; however, most people only need to worry about a handful of blank media options. Additionally, not all disc types are commonly availabl

External vs. Internal DVD Burners

This is a debate with many opinions, so opinions aside, here are the basic things to consider before purchasing either an external or an internal DVD burner. First of all, internal burners are less e

Learn the Best Way to Convert VHS to DVD

Like many families, your events likely involve an appointed videographer following everyone around with a shoulder-mounted or hand-strapped camera. Because of this, you also likely have countless VHS

Best Ways to Digitize Your Old Slides

From weddings to family vacations, your treasured memories remain locked in slide form, but you probably haven't used your projector in ages. Fortunately, you can digitize slides, which converts the i

History of the VCR

VCR history is brief but significant. The technology that was only around for about 50 years managed to make a monumental change in the way people approach home entertainment. Today's battles between

What Does VHS Stand For?

For nearly 10 years, VHS has been all but extinct. This technology is so outdated that many people today have a hard time even remembering what VHS stands for. Though VHS fell to DVD technology, which

How to Convert Your Cassettes into MP3s

For decades, cassette tapes were the bestselling audio media format. Millions of tapes were sold every year until they were displaced by CDs and, later, digital download and streaming services. But th

Best Slide to Digital Image Converters for Under $100

As technology moves us in an ever-more-digital direction, some objects don't make the journey. Your old photographs and slides don't have to waste away in boxes or files, though. With slide- to-digita

Is VHS the New Vinyl?

Backing up your old videotapes into a digital format using VHS to DVD software is a great idea. It protects your movie collection against obsolesce and allows your home movies to join you in the 21st

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