Vitade HD960 webcam review

The Vitade HD960 is an affordable light ring sporting webcam but does that make it good?

Vitade HD960
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

This is a budget webcam that still manages to cram in an LED light ring, but for the end result quality, it may not be worth the cost unless you're planning to use this in the dark.


  • +

    1080p resolution

  • +

    LED light ring

  • +

    Easy to set up and use


  • -

    Image quality isn't brilliant

  • -

    Light is too weak

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The Vitade HD960 is a very affordable webcam when you consider it offers 1080p resolution and an LED light ring as standard. It also includes a ring light which is handy for gamers streaming at night, for example.

Vitade HD960: Key specs

Video resolution: 1080p

Image resolution: HDR

Microphone: Dual

Connection type: USB

Mounting options: Built-in clip-on, plus screw hole for tripod

You also have the privacy of being able to unplug this device and know that it is shut off, something webcams built-in to computers don't offer. 

But is this super-budget webcam worth even the relatively small expense it represents? We put it to the test to find out. Read on to see if the Vitade HD960 is the right fit for your streaming needs. If you're after something different, check out our guide to the best webcams.

Vitade HD960: Design

  • Premium metallic outer
  • Diffused LED light ring
  • Great mounting system

The Vitade HD960 has some very plastic and flimsy packaging making it feel low-value like its price. But once the product is opened it feels surprisingly sturdy and well made.

There is a rough bumped edge finish that makes this easy to grip. The fold-out clip-on mount is also reassuringly well-made. It even has a fold-out grippy foot which holds it in place against a monitor or laptop screen very well.

Vitade HD960

(Image credit: Future)

The central lens is surrounded by a metallic ring which can be adjusted to change the focus manually, although this does have autofocus also. This is surrounded by the white LED light ring which has a diffuser plastic front to avoid dazzling.

There is a USB cable built into the camera which can be plugged into most devices for connectivity and power. In the box is a helpful manual with lots of troubleshooting answers so you should be able to get up and running easily.

Vitade HD960

(Image credit: Future)

Vitade HD960: Set up and usability

  • Simple to set up and use
  • Compatibility with Mac, PC, Xbox and more
  • Tripod mount option

The Vitade HD960 is a plug-and-play device meaning on Mac, PC, Xbox and more you can simply plug in the camera and it will power on itself. The front of the camera has a touch-sensitive button that you can tap to switch the light up in brightness through the three levels on offer.

Vitade HD960

(Image credit: Future)

As mentioned above, the mounting system was very easy to use, folding out and pushing back in to grip onto a wide range of screens from a skinny laptop to a monitor with some depth. There is also a screw hole on the bottom allowing you the option to mount this camera on a tripod if you need.

Vitade HD960

(Image credit: Future)

Vitade HD960: Performance

  • Light works well at night
  • Poor daytime lighting
  • Decent color and contrast

The Vitade HD960 does offer 1080p Full HD quality resolution video, it also uses HDR tech and encodes with H.264 to make sure this works well at getting the most quality in the smallest data package – ideal for streaming.

However, the reality of the quality isn't quite as impressive as it sounds. In our testing, when compared to a 720p, older Macbook laptop camera, it wasn't visibly much better in terms of brightness. 

The image was sharper, with less clouding, and the color could be construed as a little richer too. There was also a greater contrast which was able to pick up more intricate details in a face.

From left to right: 720p Macbook webcam, Vitade HD960 without light, Vitade HD960 with light on

(Image credit: Future)

Unfortunately, that LED ring light didn't do much in a poorly lit room. At night that light did work better, but only when in a totally dark room was the light able to visibly make any difference. So for gamers, or those that live stream in the dark, this could be a good way to improve image quality without spending too much.

The audio pick-up was decent thanks to the dual microphones which do a good job of removing background noise and picking up voices clearly. While many users may have a dedicated mic for streaming, this will do a fine job for a video call, for example.

Vitade HD960: Price

  • $50 / £40

The Vitade HD960 is undeniably cheap at a $50 (£40 in the UK), but that is apparent in the image end result. The build quality does feel decent though, which suggests this is sturdy and will last, making it a potentially viable investment. 

Vitade HD960: User reviews

On Amazon, the user ratings of this camera are pretty good, with an overall score of 4.5 stars out of five based on 644 customer ratings. That breaks down to 61% five-star reviews, 20% at four stars, 9% at three, 3% at two and 5% with a one-star rating.

One positive review reads: "I have read some adverse comments on the light, which I feel are a little unfair. I used to be a professional photographer working regularly with studio ring lights and if you want something that will illuminate a big area you'll need something much bigger with a whole lot more power. This is simply a fill light that will help to balance out the shadows and reduce the bags under your eyes. If you are sitting in front of your computer at the desk it will lighten your skin."

However, some users weren't fully pleased with their purchase, complaining that the ring light was not very effective at lower levels. "Unfortunately this is not much better. The image in bright light is very good, but anything dimmer is very poor. The light ring around the lens does nothing at the low levels barely noticeable at the medium, but does the job at high. It also reflects in my glasses at high level though!"

Should you buy the Vitade HD960?

If you want a webcam that offers an LED light ring that works in very dark conditions and offers a decent quality build at a low price, this could be for you.

However, if you want decent quality images, a light ring that works in dim light, or a webcam that has more features, then you may want to spend a little more and look elsewhere.

If this product isn’t for you

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream is a professional quality 1080p webcam that manages to keep the price low. With some fantastic auto light and focus correction features, this is effortless to use yet offers a very high-quality end result. The dual microphones take this further for very clear vocal audio and everything is contained in a lightweight, easy-to-mount yet premium quality build. 

For streamers, the Elgato Facecam is a camera built to task with a superb Sony sensor that makes the 1080p and 60fps video a fantastic quality. There is a lack of microphone and this won't autofocus, but then for streamers with a fixed setup and dedicated mic that's ideal – all the money is going on the video quality instead of those extras. For YouTube and Twitch streamers, this is the webcam for you.

The Razer Kiyo is a more expensive webcam but it justifies the price with a super smooth quality 1080p and 60fps video result. Thanks to auto adjustments for lighting – even in low light – and HDR functionality, the quality is super-premium. It's also built to work well across software from video calling to live streaming on Twitch. 

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