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Pros / The HP Z8000 has excellent construction and design.

Cons / The mouse’s four-way scrolling abilities are lackluster.

 Verdict / The Z8000 is a sleekly built Bluetooth mouse, but its performance can be inconsistent.

Thanks to its upscale design, the HP Z8000 certainly catches eyes, but its performance does leave a little bit to be desired. During our benchmarking, we evaluated how the Bluetooth mouse performed on surfaces you are likely to encounter around your home or office.

As with most wireless Bluetooth mice, the Z8000 performed steadily on standard wood and laminate surfaces. The mouse’s scrolling became more inconsistent on surfaces like carpet and marble and completely unusable on glass. Because of glass’s reflective properties, only the best premium Bluetooth mice can operate it, but the HP is priced to compete with models at this quality tier. Compared to its competitors, the Z8000’s surface accuracy is lacking. 

Physically, there’s little to dislike about the Z8000’s aesthetics. The mouse is anchored around a polished black top that’s paired with a cleanly designed aluminum rim. HP’s minimalist approach gives the mouse a clean and sleek appearance – the exterior only sports a single LED power indicator, and the left side has the HP logo. Because the mouse relies on two AAA batteries for power and lacks a rechargeable battery, HP also didn’t need to make room for a USB charging port.

In our hands-on testing, the mouse’s compact dimensions and build quality were excellent. While its shallow height of only 0.7 inches can make it tricky for users with larger hands to handle, its ambidextrous design and durable construction make it extremely versatile. The mouse feels excellent in your hands, and key clicks are highly responsive. Still, although the mouse supports four-way scrolling without a physical wheel, its performance was middling at best during testing. Even after adjusting hardware settings on our Windows 10 PC, scrolling was plagued by page jumps and lagging.

HP includes a one-year warranty on the Z8000. The company also offers basic phone, forum and email troubleshooting options for additional support.

  • Glass Surface Accuracy
  • Laminate Surface Accuracy
  • Wood Surface Accuracy
  1. This is our cursor accuracy score of the mouse on a glass surface.
    (Higher is Better)
  2. 8  HP Z
    0.0 %
  3. 99.0 %
  4. 70.0 %
  5. 0.0 %
  6. Category Average
    40.9 %


For home and business users, the HP Z8000 isn’t without its drawbacks. While the mouse’s build quality is impeccable, inconsistent scrolling performance keeps it well behind the best Bluetooth mice. Still, with its upscale design, the Z8000 can be a decent mouse for home users.

HP Z 8000 Visit Site