Pros / This cooling pad has an exceptional max airflow of 76.6 CFM.

Cons / It can’t be used on your lap, and you can’t adjust the angle.

 Verdict / The Cooler Master NotePal X3 has unrivalled airflow and a sharp gamer-oriented design. However, some users may feel limited by its lack of additional features.

The NotePal X3 is an impressive laptop cooling pad from Cooler Master with best-in-class cooling abilities that have earned it widespread popularity. With its aggressive, gamer-oriented design and large 200 mm fan, it's no wonder that many gamers have made the X3 their laptop cooler of choice.

When you analyze the laptop cooler’s design, it’s obvious that Cooler Master made maximum cooling performance its top priority. It does a great job at cooling, but it is also missing some additional features. These missing features mostly affect how you can use the cooler. For example, many cooling pads have some sort of integrated kickstand to elevate your gaming laptop to eye level. This isn't the case with the X3. Also, other coolers use neoprene and have rounded edges to make them comfortable for lap use – both of these features are missing on the X3.

The X3 may be the best laptop cooler for gamers who are primarily concerned with cooling ability and don’t need the extra features. Its singular fan delivers an impressive airflow of up to 76.5 CFM – the highest of any cooler we reviewed – and it still manages to keep noise levels down to a respectable 23 dBA. Because it sits at only a slight angle, there is no need for any sort of grip to keep the laptop in place. Instead, the top of the device is covered with a metal mesh panel that is durable and allows for maximum airflow to your laptop.

The cooler’s controls are found on its left side, and they allow you to adjust the fan's speed, turn it off entirely and toggle the blue LEDs that illuminate the interior. The left side also holds a mini USB port that is used to connect the cooler to your laptop for power. Next to this mini USB port is a USB out port, which conveniently replaces the one on your computer required by the cooler for power.

As for help and support, Cooler Master offers a one-year warranty on all of its cooling pads. It does a great job making product information available via manuals, FAQs, forums and more. Accessing much of this information requires a free account, but it's not too much trouble to create one. If you prefer to contact Cooler Master directly, you can also get answers to your questions via email, phone, live chat or one of the company's many social media outlets.

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  • Air Circulation
  • Noise Level
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  1. More capable coolers typically push more air.
    More is better.
  2. 5  Cooler Master NotePal X3
    76.5 CFM
  3. 70.0 CFM
  4. 61.27 CFM
  5. 22.0 CFM
  6. Category Average
    52.36 CFM


The Cooler Master NotePal X3 is a simple laptop cooler. While it’s missing some additional features, it offers impressive cooling performance. You can't adjust its height or use it comfortably in your lap, but it is the most powerful cooler we reviewed – a distinction that makes it a great option for gamers.

Cooler Master NotePal X3 Visit Site

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Principal Materials
Plastic, Metal Mesh and Rubber
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