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Gear Head CFS8800BLK Review

PROS / A neoprene covering makes this cooling pad comfortable to use on your lap.

CONS / It doesn’t have additional USB ports to make up for the one it uses on your laptop for power.

 VERDICT / This pad is neither the most powerful nor the most feature-rich, but it has solid cooling performance and one of the most comfortable and versatile designs available.

The best laptop coolers not only cool your laptop, but they also expand functionality and improve comfort. The Gear Head CFS8800BLK is one such laptop cooler. It has a soft finish that's comfortable on your lap and a simple height-adjustment system that also makes it good for desk use. It does all of this while creating adequate air circulation, and it has a fairly low price. For these reasons, it is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

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  1. More capable coolers typically push more air.
    More is better.
  2. 3 Gear Head CFS8800BLK
    22 CFM
  3. 70 CFM
  4. 61.27 CFM
  5. Category Average
    52.36 CFM


The Gear Head CFS8800BLK’s main strength is its comfortable and versatile design. Because this is big focus, its performance and features are somewhat lacking; for example, it has a low fan speed and no additional USB ports.

Producing airflow of just 22 CFM, the CFS8800BLK's fans aren't the most powerful available. They can certainly cool your laptop, but they're not quite as effective as some of the higher-power fans on other pads we reviewed. Because they are so low power, the fans are the quietest in our review, so you can run them constantly at full power without creating annoying noise.

This laptop cooler doesn’t have additional USB ports, and because it requires one of your laptop's USB ports to run, you may find yourself running out of places to connect your peripherals. An inexpensive USB hub can solve this problem, but it adds cost and complexity of your setup.


The Gear Head CFS8800BLK is the most comfortable and versatile laptop cooling pad we tested. It has a wedge design that elevates the fans from surfaces such as your lap, bed and desk. This means you don't have to worry about obstructing the fans and reducing airflow when you work on soft surfaces.

The outside of the wedge is covered in neoprene, so the cooler is soft to the touch. Unlike most laptop pads, the Gear Head also has nicely rounded edges. The combination of the two makes it comfortable for lap use. If you prefer to use the cooler on your desk, you can elevate the entire top panel. It has five different heights, so you can comfortably position your laptop at eye level.

Help & Support

Gear Head offers the best warranty in the industry for its laptop coolers. Each cooler, including the CFS8800BLK, comes with a lifetime warranty. Beyond this, support for the CFS is average at best. The company’s product page doesn’t have downloadable manuals or tutorials. However, if you have any questions, you can contact Gear Head via phone, email or one of its social media outlets.


The Gear Head CFS8800BLK is one of the best laptop coolers available. It's not as powerful as other pads and it doesn't have useful ports, but it's the most comfortable cooler available. If you don’t game, edit video or perform other intensive tasks, it could be the laptop cooler for you.

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