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Pros / This webcam is extremely portable.

Cons / A short USB cord could interfere with placement.

 Verdict / The Logitech HD C615 offers solid image quality, a great design and all of the features you’re likely to want in a webcam. For all but those seeking the best resolution-framerate combinations, the C615 is an excellent choice.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

The Logitech HD C615 is solid, compact webcam with a good balance of features, image quality and portability. Among other specifications, it boasts a max resolution of 1080p, 8-megapixel still images, autofocus and a glass lens. Additionally, its fold-and-go design makes it easy to take with you.

Like many other webcams, these specs come with a few caveats. First, it can only shoot in 1080p when the framerate is drastically reduced, and secondly, its 8-megapixel camera specification is achieved through interpolation – a process by which extra pixels are added using an algorithm.

These facts, however, are true of most PC cameras, and they don't change the fact that the C615 is one of the best web cameras you can buy. For its combination of image quality, features and design, the Logitech HD C615 is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner.

  • Still Image Resolution
  • Cord Length
  1. The number of megapixels a camera can produce determines how large and detailed its images can be.
    More is Better.
  2. 2  Logitech HD C615
    8.0 Megapixels
  3. 15.0 Megapixels
  4. 12.0 Megapixels
  5. Category Average
    7.71 Megapixels

Image Quality

The C615 shoots video in 1080p, which produces great-looking images with lots of detail. The problem is that the framerate has to be lowered to get there, which means your footage won’t be as smooth as it could be. If you need the resolution, you can by all means keep it at 1080p and just deal with slightly sluggish video.

However, we think most people will end up shooting in 720p in order to keep the framerate at 30 fps. Although you’ll lose some detail, we think that this is the most practical way to use the C615. If you need that extra bit of resolution but are unwilling to sacrifice the framerate, check out our review of the Logitech HD Pro C920.

Its built-in microphone produced some of the best-sounding audio in our review. It often sounded even clearer and more natural than some cameras that offer dual mics. It also did a good job with noise reduction, keeping ambient noises, hissing and buzzing to a minimum.


This webcam offers autofocus to make sure you’re looking sharp at all times and face tracking to keep tabs on which part of the video is most important. Using these two things, the C615 does a really nice job of keeping your face in focus and adjusting the white balance and exposure to present natural-looking skin tones. Some cameras can be kind of slow to make adjustments, but the C615 is quick and accurate.

One notable omission from this webcam's feature list is digital zoom. Digital zoom is the process by which a camera crops away the edges of an image and enlarges the remaining image to make the subject appear closer. This means you’re actually losing pixels and effectively reducing the resolution of your image. Still, digital zoom can be useful for those times when you want to zoom in on the fly, and unless you want to do some post-production work on your webcam footage, there’s really no other way to do it.


Aside from a couple little niggles, the C615 has an excellent design. It’s foldable and compact, which makes it much more portable than anything else we reviewed. This is great if you’re often on the move and want to take your webcam with you. Just be aware, this emphasis on portability means you also have a much shorter USB cord – 3 feet versus the typical 6.

It also has a built-in microphone and a glass lens. The microphone is standard, but it fared well in our comparison against cams touting two-mic set-ups. The glass lens is going to give you better durability and optical quality than plastic, so your images will look better and you’re less likely to deal with scratches.

The camera is also tripod compatible. This can be really useful for those who can’t easily mount the camera to their display or those who simply prefer a different angle than the typical straight-on view. Wherever it’s mounted, the C615 is capable of panning left to right as well as tilting up and down independently, so you’ll always be able to make fine adjustments to find the angle you want.

Help & Support

Logitech is one of the biggest names in the webcam industry, and its products tend to come with the most comprehensive support. The HD C615 comes with a two-year warranty, during which time you’re protected against defects in parts and labor. Should any other issues or questions arise, you also have access to Logitech support via phone or email. You can also check the FAQs and forums on Logitech’s site for quick answers to commonly asked questions.


In terms of raw image and audio quality, the Logitech HD C615 is a great camera. When you take that quality and put it into a design that is both more portable and more functional than most, you get a camera that’s really on another level. Although it can’t boast the best resolution out there, it’s a nice compact camera that is more than enough for most users.

Logitech HD C615 Visit Site