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Wireless Keyboard Reviews

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Wireless Keyboard Review

Why Buy a Wireless Keyboard?

Computers, in all their many forms, have become an integral part of today's fast-paced information-driven society. Every day more and more people are conducting professional and personal interactions while on the go. The increased demand for versatility and mobility has prompted the creation of numerous devices to satisfy various portability issues. One of these devices is the wireless keyboard.

Wireless keyboard technology makes it possible to have a completely mobile office. Sleek and slim wireless keyboards pick up right where inept and insufficient built-in keypads found on today's portable computing devices leave off. The best wireless keyboards are up to the task when you need to input a substantial amount of data away from your desk – without sacrificing speed, comfort or style. A wireless multimedia keyboard will also provide an essential conduit for interfacing your PC or laptop with a large screen TV or a projection system. A quality wireless keyboard will not only boost your work efficiency and productivity, but also your reputation as an aficionado of fine electronic equipment.

We've researched the best wireless computer keyboards that answer the call for desirable features and good design. We've compiled a considerable amount of comprehensive information to yield the best wireless keyboard comparisons and reviews and we think you'll agree with our selections. Our favorite wireless keyboards include Logitech's Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, Logitech's Wireless Illuminated K800 and Microsoft's Wireless Keyboard 6000. We also have articles on wireless keyboard alternatives if you're looking for a particular type of keyboard that is more specific to the way you work and play.

Wireless Keyboards: What to Look For

Although the wireless keyboard has recently been experiencing a design shift toward a compact or "mini" wireless model to accommodate integration with tablets and smartphones, for this review we chose to focus on full-size wireless keyboards that offer desktop and laptop users the standardized layout they are accustomed to with some attractive extras added on. When you're looking for a keyboard that fits your personal style and your technical needs, check for the following key features and design elements.


A quality keyboard should have a wireless range of operation that offers you the freedom to roam at least 30 feet away from the computer. Look for 2.4 GHz RF connectivity that promises to eliminate delays, dropouts and interference. You can choose from solar-powered or battery-powered keyboards. Most have a battery level indicator, an automatic sleep mode and an on/off switch for saving battery life. Look for programmable F keys and media hot keys that allow one-touch access to media and internet applications.

If you want the flexibility of mixing and matching your wireless keyboard with other wireless devices, you'll find several models that employ a device-networking receiver. This one receiver works with up to six compatible wireless devices, freeing up USB ports on your computer. Once the receiver is plugged in, the wireless keyboard simply requires an initial sync with your PC and is otherwise virtually plug and play.

Wireless keyboards with networking capabilities can prove to be very beneficial for increased mobility from one location to the next, especially when integrated with your laptop. You can keep the device-networking receiver plugged into your laptop and purchase multiple keyboards and mice that can stay put in their locations (i.e., one at work, one in the home office, one on the living room coffee table, etc.) while the laptop alone travels from place to place.


With a wireless keyboard, you should acquire mobility and versatility as well as a cleaner work surface. Look for a keyboard that will allow you to connect to your living room TV one day and control your high-level meeting presentation the next. A sleek, slim, streamlined keyboard will not only complement your modern home and office décor, it's also likely to make a good impression on your professional counterparts.

If you work at the computer all day and are putting in hours of non-stop typing, look for an adjustable keyboard that has an ergonomic design and palm rest to help avoid stress and strain on your hands and wrists. You'll also want a quiet keyboard with the light touch and fast response time that are characteristic of scissor-switch keys.

Help & Support

The best wireless keyboards are compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Look for one with at least a three-year warranty and technical support that can be accessed online and by phone.

Having and using an easy-to-connect, quality keyboard with reliable wireless connectivity can liberate and enhance your at-work style. It will certainly align with your on-the-go mobile lifestyle. However, because there are several wireless keyboards available on the market, each with a different mix of features and design elements, finding one that meets your needs can be a difficult task. But, now you have help. Our side-by-side comparison was created to assist you in selecting a wireless keyboard that suits your particular sense of style, your technical requirements and your budget.