The Arion Rapoo line of wireless keyboards includes full-size and compact models with a variety of features. They're suited to every type of user, including general household or business users and power users and gamers. Some models have keys that are set slightly farther apart than the standard, and they may take a while to get used to.

Arion Rapoo keyboards are versatile when it comes to connectivity. You can find some with 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz radio frequency connections, as well as Bluetooth models. Some come with both RF and Bluetooth connectivity options, while others can be used with an RF or wired connection, and still others can be used with your choice of a Bluetooth or wired connection. Some come with all three connectivity options. Notably, Arion Rapoo keyboards don't have any USB pass-throughs, nor do they have AV connections.

Some Arion Rapoo models have scissor switches, and others have mechanical key switches. Interestingly, there are compact models available with mechanical key switches for gamers and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who need a portable option.

While many keyboards in this line feature standard keycaps, a few models have slightly larger keycaps, which can take time to adjust to, as most people at least partly use muscle memory to type. Some of the wireless Arion Rapoo keyboards have programmable keys, while others require you to use a specific software to change a few of the alternate functions.

In addition, some of the models have a standard row of function keys, but others have a strip of soft keys that is much like a touchscreen strip. These keys vibrate when touched and change from white to blue when the function key is depressed. As expected, the compact editions do not have number pads, but the full-size models do. A few models have hotkeys and media keys for added convenience.

Arion Rapoo wireless keyboards don't have many ergonomic features, although some do have foldable legs and a palm rest. Some of the portable models are ultra slim, and you can use them on your lap; these models also have a touchpad on one side that replaces your mouse, although it doesn’t work with most tablets. As such, they are best-suited for use with a PC, laptop or TV. Most models have backlighting, and it's adjustable on some keyboards.

The gaming models in the Arion Rapoo series all have anti-ghosting technology, some handling up to 10 simultaneous keystrokes. There are also models with multiple saveable profiles, so you can program hotkeys and macros and store them for each game you play. Polling rates on these wireless keyboards reach up to 1000Hz.

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