Gyration wireless keyboards are compact, sturdy devices suited to users who want to work on their daily commute, give presentations, regularly attend trade show exhibits, give lectures and are just often on the go. These efficient wireless keyboards also work well as full-size desktop alternatives when space is at a premium.

Keyboards from Gyration connect to your computer via 2.4GHz wireless for a steady, secure link. None of the models have USB pass-throughs or AV ports, but they are compatible with both Mac and PC computer systems.

Gyration keyboards use scissor switches and have low-profile designs with short key travel, plenty of tactile response and quiet operation. This makes them comfortable and quiet to use. Because of their keys, they are suitable for touch-typists and power users who require a portable or compact option. Three AAA batteries keep these keyboards running, and you can exchange the disposable ones for compatible rechargeable versions to save money.

Some Gyration models feature media keys as well as internet browsing keys. The compact models don't have 10-key number pads, so they're not the best choice for those who enter a lot of numeric data, but you can always purchase a separate number pad to add to your setup. Gyration makes a couple of low-profile models that are slightly larger and do have number pads.

Most models feature preprogramed hotkeys, as well as those you can program to your preferred functions. Because of the compact nature of these keyboards, the keys are reasonably close together, which can lead to a lack of keystroke precision until you're used to the positioning. The keycaps are sculpted with a lightly concave finish to make them comfortable, and users experience ample tactile response.

These keyboards aren't bursting with ergonomic features, although Gyration does make some lightly curved models that make typing from your lap comfortable, as well as some with palm rests. These compact wireless keyboards aren't made for gaming, so they don’t have anti-ghosting functionality or backlighting, and the polling rate is between 125 and 500Hz. Still, they're more than capable of handling the demands of other taxing tasks.

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