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Pros / This wireless keyboard makes a strong impression with backlit keyboard characters, batteries that are rechargeable with the help of a micro-USB cord, a comfortable light-touch key system and a slim space-saving design.

Cons / The keyboard's energy saving feature that puts it to sleep when not in use takes too long to wake up again for some users' tastes.

 Verdict / This illuminated wireless keyboard fits the bill for users who need a backlit keyboard and reliable wireless connectivity.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Wireless Keyboards here.

From night owls to graphic designers to serious gamers, having an illuminated keyboard is a requirement for many users who find themselves working and playing in low light conditions. For them, having a keyboard without backlit keys is like having no keyboard at all. Secondary to this need for light is the mobility and convenience that comes with a wireless keyboard. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800, although not quite as eco-conscious as its sister wireless solar keyboard, definitely gives the people what they want.


As its name indicates, its strongest selling point is the fact that this keyboard is illuminated. And we think the way Logitech lights it up is brilliant. Each key has a laser-etched character or symbol, which allows light from under the keys to shine up through that portion of the key. The emitted light reveals precisely what you need to see without being a distraction otherwise. The keyboard is equipped with ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the backlighting to the environmental lighting conditions. You also can manually adjust the backlighting to suit your individual preferences with the press of a button. Additionally, the K800 has an energy saving feature that turns the backlighting off and puts the keyboard to sleep after a few minutes of non-use. It also has a motion sensor, which wakes it up again when your hands return to the keyboard. Although some users complain that it takes too long for the keyboard to wake up, we think a few seconds' wait may be worth extending the life of the batteries in the long run.

Another very attractive feature of the K800 that earned it a spot among the 10 best wireless keyboards of 2012 is that you don’t have to go searching for batteries to keep this keyboard up and running. When the battery level indicator shows that the power supply is low, you just plug in the micro-USB cable for three to six hours to recharge the two AA NiMh batteries that are included with the keyboard. The keyboard will stay charged for about 10 days. The K800 also can be turned on and off with a switch located on the keyboard to conserve battery life and lengthen the time between charges, especially during longer periods of inactivity.

With the decision to use wireless peripherals comes the necessary consideration for reliable connectivity. The K800 works in conjunction with its own device-networking receiver, the Logitech Unifying receiver, and operates via 2.4 GHz RF connectivity, which ensures a wireless range of at least 30 feet with 128-bit AES encryption for secure information transfer. If you need a few more feet on your wireless range, the keyboard comes with a USB wireless extender as well. The tiny Unifying receiver plugs into an available USB port and makes it possible to network up to six compatible input devices on the same receiver, simplifying the performance of your peripherals and freeing up valuable USB ports on your PC or laptop. Seconds after you plug in the receiver, your keyboard is synced to the computer and you are ready to type.

Like other Logitech keyboards, the K800 gives you instant access to media and internet functions. You can use a combination of one of the F keys and the function key located at the bottom of the keyboard to access your email, calendar, calculator and media volume controls right from the keyboard. If you like, you can also customize the built-in F keys with Logitech's SetPoint software, which is available as a free download from their website. SetPoint is Logitech's champion for assigning new tasks to F-key functions, disabling keys you don't use, and facilitating the pairing of devices with the Unifying receiver.


The full-size K800 keyboard makes the grade for good design with an ergonomic palm rest, light-touch keys, slim design and matte black finish.

This keyboard strives to make your hands happy with a built-in palm rest that mirrors the natural slope of your hands and reduces the possibility of repetitive strain injuries. We found it a welcome support for typing long documents. The K800 also boasts Logitech's PerfectStroke key system. This system offers a typing experience that combines the quick response of a laptop with the smooth travel of a stand-alone keyboard by utilizing a scissor-switch keying mechanism. The low-profile, concave-shaped keys provide tactile sensory input to help keep your fingers on the correct keys, and the resulting keystrokes are smooth, quiet and comfortable.

The K800 is sure to add style and versatility to any system in your home or office with its chic illuminated keys, sleek and slim chassis and modern-looking matte finish. With no cords or cables to get in the way, we also appreciated the added bonus of being able to stand it up on its back for optimized workspace and easy out-of-the-way storage.

Help & Support

Logitech is a successful manufacturer of computer peripherals and as such knows the value of providing comprehensive help and support to users who purchase their products. You can find a list of FAQs and troubleshooting topics for the K800 on Logitech's website. There you can also pose questions to their online technical support staff via email. When we had a question about this keyboard, we found they responded right away with a promise of a complete answer to come "soon." That answer actually came within 24 hours. We considered their response timely, but if find you need more immediate assistance you also can call and talk to a tech over the phone during business hours. The K800 comes with a three-year warranty.


Logitech has created a wireless keyboard that satisfies the needs and wants of users who work and play in darkened environments. The Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 delivers adjustable backlit keys, efficient peripheral networking capabilities, a substantial wireless range of operation, rechargeable batteries and a light-touch typing experience for a price that is overwhelmingly budget-friendly.

Logitech Illuminated K800 Visit Site