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Best Flatbed Scanner Review

How to Select a Flatbed Scanner Flatbed scanners have become quite powerful, compact and affordable. In this site, we review entry-level scanners based on common-sense evaluation criteria in order to


Many business card scanners pull double duty and are able to digitalize other cards and documents. The IDscan, formerly known as the Scanhsell 800N, is one of these scanners. In addition to scanning b

Organize Your Home or Office Using a Document Scanner

In the home office, a document scanner can clear office clutter, save years of collected financial documents, provide backups of all your credit and medical cards, and even preserve Junior’s thi

Large Scanners: The Difference in Sensor Technology

When working with images and graphics, every little detail contributes to a much larger picture. When attempting to replicate a large image, wide-format scanners are designed to ensure every little de

Buying a Business Card Scanner Fit For a Pro

Business cards are not a dead art. Every time you go to a conference or a convention, ready to let potential clients or colleagues know you are a capable professional, you are probably equipped with a

Business Card Scanners: Why Go Portable

With a down economy, networking is more important than ever. Whether you’re attending networking events, business conferences or just asking your friends for contacts, networking with others is the wa

Document Scanners: Save Time and Money

With personal files and business documents stacking up in your house and office, it is almost certain that your life could use a little bit of organizing. While having a digital copy of a document doe

Large Format Scanners and TWAIN

TWAIN is an application programming interface and software protocol standard to facilitate communications between software applications and scanners (and other image acquisition devices). Every produc

Scanography: Photography with Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed scanners are certainly efficient devices for the digital archiving, copying and emailing of personal, legal and business documents. But did you know that scanners in the hands of artists have

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