Pros / It can scan and save cards without connecting to your computer.

Cons / The optical resolution isn't as high as other card scanners we reviewed.

 Verdict / The IRISCard Anywhere 5 is the most portable business card scanner of all of the devices we tested.

The IRISCard Anywhere 5 business card scanner is a portable device that works without a direct connection to your computer or laptop. Instead, the internal memory captures and saves the scanned images until you are able to connect to your PC. From there, you can download and open the images in the included software. If you need more memory, the IRISCard card scanner accepts SD memory cards and has a USB port for a flash drive. While testing the IRISCard scanner, we were able to install the program and set up the device with ease. It took a few tries for the scanner to recognize that we were sheet feeding business cards. Once the card was straight enough, it was able to scan rather quickly. We were able to scan about 10 business cards in a minute.

This business card reader is small and compact, so it's easy to take anywhere. It scans images in color and is compatible with Mac and PC computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Once cards scan and upload to the program, you can edit images, create contacts and share information with other programs by exporting. Some of the programs IRISCard is compatible with include email, Microsoft Office and CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Sage.

Unlike the other business card scanners in our review, the IRISCard Anywhere 5 only scans at a 300 dpi resolution. While this isn't as crisp as the competition, it is still good quality and text can be picked up for auto population purposes in the business card scanning program. The card scanner also doesn’t have problems picking up specialty inks, foil, embossing and UV spot finishes. One thing the device doesn't do is duplex, or scan both sides of the business card at the same time. You can scan both sides of double-sided cards manually and then connect the two images under the same contact later.

The IRISCard comes with an industry-standard one-year warranty in case anything breaks. If you need help operating your card scanner, you can refer to the FAQs section or the digital user manual available on the IRIS website. Email support is also available if you need individualized help.

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  • Scan Speed
  • Number of Languages Recognized
  • Versatility Score
  • Usability Score
  1. How many standard business cards scanned in a minute.
    More is better.
  2. 6  IRISCard Anywhere 5
    10.0 ppm
  3. 10.0 ppm
  4. 7.0 ppm
  5. 11.0 ppm
  6. Category Average
    8.89 ppm


The IRISCard Anywhere 5 is the most portable business card scanner we reviewed, and it can scan cards even when it isn’t connected to your laptop or computer. Instead, the internal memory saves each image to be downloaded to your computer later. It doesn't scan both sides of double-sided cards at the same time and the resolution isn't as high as other card readers, but the scanned text is still clear enough for the accompanying software extract contact information to auto populate text fields.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Scanner Specifications

Ease of Use
Scan Speed
10 ppm
Optical Resolution
Number of Languages Recognized
Dimensions (inches)
12.1 x 5.4 x 2.3
22.4 oz
Max Media Size Scanned (inches)
4.2 x 7
USB and Wi-Fi
Scan In Color
Mac Compatible


Scan Quality
Email Export
CRM Compatible
Microsoft Office Export
Cloud Storage Export
Import/Export Contacts
Social Media Export
Share With Mobile Devices
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Auto Populate

Help & Support

1 Year
User Manual