Pros / This scanner has an auto populate feature.

Cons / It only scans about four business cards per minute, which is much slower than the other devices in our review.

 Verdict / While it is slower than most other scanners and can only scan one side of a card at a time, NeatReceipts is a powerful tool that makes it easy to create contacts from your business cards.

The NeatReceipts card scanner is a sleekly designed business card reader that scans business cards and other documents in full color. Scanning at a rate of only about four cards per minute, it takes longer for this card scanner to create digital images compared to other scanners in our review. Still, the final images are clear and easy to read, even when the original has embellishments, such as UV spot finish and foil ink, or when the information is printed on a dark background.

This business card reader by Neat can handle thick business cards and documents. As part of our testing, we scanned cards printed on plastic, wood and cork, and the NeatReceipts produced great results. The information was easy to read, automatically populated into the contact text fields and filed away in alphabetical order. Even oddly shaped cards weren’t a problem for this business card scanner. NeatReceipts doesn't have duplexing capabilities. This means it doesn't scan the back side of a business card at the same time as the front. You can manually flip the card over and rescan, then designate it as part of the contact file once it is in the NeatReceipts program.

Scanned cards and saved contact information can be exported and shared with other programs such as Word, Excel and email. You can also share information to your mobile devices or take advantage of cloud storage to free up computer space. However, this service costs extra, unlike the best business card scanner in our review, which includes cloud storage as part of its business card reader package.

It is easy to install and set up the card scanner’s accompanying software. Its user guide is very helpful and illustrates each step. This guide is also available online; in case you accidentally misplace the hard copy. Additionally, there is a FAQs section on the company’s website that includes information about the most common troubleshooting issues and their possible fixes. You can also send an email to the support staff for additional, one-on-one help. This is the only individualized help available, as support phone numbers are not available.

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  • Scan Speed
  • Number of Languages Recognized
  • Versatility Score
  • Usability Score
  1. How many standard business cards scanned in a minute.
    More is better.
  2. 8  NeatReceipts
    4.0 ppm
  3. 10.0 ppm
  4. 7.0 ppm
  5. 11.0 ppm
  6. Category Average
    8.89 ppm


While this business card reader is a bit slower than the competition and doesn't scan both sides of the business cards at the same time, the scanned images are very clear and in full color. Even cards printed on thick materials, such as plastic and wood, are easy to scan. The scanner quickly pulls information from each card and sorts it into the appropriate text fields to help you save important contacts to access later.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Scanner Specifications

Ease of Use
Scan Speed
4 ppm
Optical Resolution
Number of Languages Recognized
Dimensions (inches)
1.6 x 10.8 x 1.3
10.6 oz
Max Media Size Scanned (inches)
8.5 x 11
Scan In Color
Mac Compatible


Scan Quality
Email Export
CRM Compatible
Microsoft Office Export
Cloud Storage Export
Import/Export Contacts
Social Media Export
Share With Mobile Devices
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Auto Populate

Help & Support

1 Year
User Manual