Pros / This business card scanner is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

Cons / It cannot scan full-size papers, only standard-sized, or smaller, business cards.

 Verdict / The WorldCard Pro business card scanner is the best of comparable products, due to its compatibility, lightweight build and portability.

The WorldCard Pro business card scanner by PenPower has all the features to make it the best card scanner. It can scan two-sided documents, works with both Macs and PCs, and is lightweight and simple to transport. You can plug it directly into your computer so you don't have to worry about it ever running out of batteries. In addition to all the key features, it offers many extra options that make it versatile and extremely useful. All of these factors combined with outstanding customer service helped this business card scanner earn our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  • Scan Speed
  • Number of Languages Recognized
  • Versatility Score
  • Usability Score
  1. How many standard business cards scanned in a minute.
    More is better.
  2. 1  PenPower WorldCard Pro
    10.0 ppm
  3. 7.0 ppm
  4. 11.0 ppm
  5. Category Average
    8.89 ppm


The WorldCard Pro uses text-recognition software to import all the data it scans from business cards. It recognizes phone numbers, email addresses and all other information, immediately creating a new contact in your Microsoft Office software or other program, including CRM programs such as Salesforce and ACT. If your phone or other mobile device is connected or synced to your Outlook program, then it too can accept the contact information immediately.

When you get your WorldCard Pro business card scanner, there are two USB cables in the box that connect with each other to extend the reach of your scanner. The software you need to install is also included, though it is also available through the PenPower website in case you misplace it. On the software disc is a copy of the user manual. It also comes with a calibration card in the event that you need to clean the scanner. While the WorldCard Pro doesn't come with a carrying case, it collapses into its own hard shell to protect the entire unit.

For business cards that have information on both sides, this scanner can scan both sides at the same time, which not all card scanners can do. The information is stored on your computer and is easy to manage according to your business needs.

One of the benefits of this business card scanner that is missing from others is the option to link to Google Maps after you scan a contact. When you run a business card contact through the machine and import all the data, you have the option to open a separate screen and link directly to a map. You can use this map to get directions, look for other nearby businesses and learn more about your new contact. This is a helpful feature that can be useful for businesses or other corporate users who want to tie client business cards to their addresses.

Scanner Specifications

The WorldCard Pro is one of the most compact and lightweight business card readers in our review. With its dimensions of 4.25 x 1.1 x 4 inches and weight of 5.9 ounces, you can easily store it in your pocket, laptop case or purse to transport and use it whenever you need. It plugs into your computer or laptop with a simple USB cord, so you don't ever have to worry about batteries or any other power source. The device is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, which makes it versatile for offices or businesses that have employees on different computer platforms.

The image quality from the WorldCard Pro scanner is terrific, and it can import even high-quality images and photos. The scanner can handle images and documents up to 4.2 x 7 inches. We were able to scan 10 business cards in a minute while testing the WorldCard Pro. While this is not among the fastest scan times we saw in our reviews – several models had rates of 11 to 16 pages per minute – the WorldCard Pro made up for it with strong image quality. We were even able to scan thicker business cards printed on wood, cork and plastic and still have excellent fidelity for text and smaller details.

Help & Support

If there is a problem with installation, programming or use, you can contact the customer service team through email or phone. When we had questions about the WorldCard Pro, we were able to contact the customer service team by phone in just a few minutes. The representatives answered all our questions and were extremely helpful. When we sent an email, we received a response a few hours after. This business card scanner also comes with a limited one-year warranty, which is standard for the models we reviewed.


The WorldCard Pro is a lightweight business card scanner that can scan two-sided documents, provided they are no bigger than a standard business card. The text-recognition software immediately imports your new contacts into Microsoft Outlook or other third-party applications, including some CRM solutions. The scanner is simple to use, compatible with both Mac and PC computers, and backed with terrific customer service.

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