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The Fingkey Hamster II fingerprint reader possesses a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner that can detect the use of fake fingerprints. This feature, along with many others, qualifies the Fingkey Hamster II as a product worthy of your consideration in the search for a biometric system solution.

This device connects to your PC through a simple USB cable. The setup process should be easy and hassle-free, allowing you time to worry about more important matters. The PC you connect the Fingkey Hamster II to will enjoy the added security that a fingerprint reader adds to a system. Perhaps the best part of fingerprint readers is that you won't have to remember any passwords, which can be stolen and used to hijack your computer, your information and your identity. Simply enroll your fingerprints and you won't have to worry about security – your fingerprints are unique and only you can access anything locked by them.

A great feature of the Fingkey Hamster II is a technology called Auto-On. This technology wakes the fingerprint reader up and tells it to scan any finger that is placed on the device; you don't have to prompt the system in any way. The only downside to this feature is you have to make sure your software is compatible with the Auto-On technology, or else it becomes a useless feature.

The fingerprint matching engine on the Fingkey Hamster II is powerful and reliable. The built-in identity verification technology is top-notch, which is important. If you enroll an image of your fingerprint that is dirty or does not resemble your fingerprint in normal conditions, you can run into difficulty when attemping to access anything that is locked with fingerprint verification.

Wet and dry skin do not pose much of a problem for the Fingkey Hamster II's fingerprint scanner. The high-quality images this device makes of your fingerprints increases the reliability and speed with which the Fingkey can grant you access to your locked applications.

With many attractive features and a compact design, the Fingkey Hamster II will fit nicely into any space. Whether in a bedroom or a busy office, this device will satisfy your biometric system needs. Convenience and security rarely go hand in hand, but with fingerprint readers, you get the best of both worlds. The Fingkey Hamster II is no exception.