The FS80 fingerprint reader is a cube-like device that takes advantage of the cube's natural space efficiency. Infrared LEDs, circuit board, power supply and more are packed into the FS80's compact design. Operating System compatibility is a main focus for the device's manufacturer, Futronic Technology Company. The FS80 touts compatibility with Windows PCs all the way back to Windows XP. Linux, Mac OS and even Android are all compatible with the FS80's fingerprint recognition software.

With a simple USB cable to connect the FS80 to your computer, this fingerprint reader is ideal for personal use or for increasing security within an entire network. Usually, fingerprints are more secure than passwords, as it is nigh impossible for anyone to guess what your fingerprint looks like. If someone were trying to figure out your password, it would only be a matter of time. The methods hackers use to crack passwords would not work on fingerprint-secured systems. Biometric systems are highly regarded because of the additional security they bring.

The FS80 can capture an image of your fingerprint and transfer it to your PC in 100 milliseconds. The high-quality 480 x 320-pixel images produced by the fingerprint scanner contain enough data to make this biometric system quite secure. The more information saved in the image template of your fingerprint, the better. This is because a high-resolution image of your fingerprint has many more data points than a low-res image, significantly decreasing the possibility that someone else's fingerprint will work in place of your own. The FS80 ensures that your applications will be secure by gathering plenty of information about your fingerprints.

The fingerprint scanner has a 14 mm thick layer of glass placed above it. The manufacturer claims that the glass is more robust and reliable than the semiconductor materials used for some scanners. Cleaning the glass surface is certainly easy, and having a clean scanner is critical to obtaining a clear fingerprint. The FS80 features four infrared LEDs that light up the finger as the device scans for a fingerprint. The intensity of the light is adjusted automatically for the conditions of the finger. If your finger is wet or dirty, a brighter light source enables the FS80 to create a more accurate image of your finger.