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The SecuGen Hamster Plus is the second version of the original SecuGen Hamster, and it is a noticeable improvement on the original. This version comes packed with features and tools to address your security needs. The Hamster Plus is compact, lightweight and, thus, portable. Whether you intend to use this fingerprint reader for personal computer security or in a larger network setting, this biometric system will add a significant layer of protection.

One of the features built into the Hamster Plus is called Auto-On. It allows you to simply place your finger on the reader and it will automatically scan your fingerprint. Of course, in order to use this feature, you will have to make sure your fingerprint reader software is compatible with the Auto-On technology.

Another important feature is the Smart Capture technology that enables the Hamster Plus to capture fingerprint images even in very bright areas, including in direct sunlight. Essentially, the Smart Capture feature automatically adjusts the brightness of the sensor. This is advantageous not only in brightly lit conditions, but also when trying to scan difficult-to-read fingerprints. Wet, scarred or aged skin won't stop the Hamster Plus from doing its job.

The fingerprint scanner, or sensor, is a critical component of any fingerprint reader, and the Hamster Plus has a high-quality scanner. The device requires no maintenance and is quite rugged – scratches, impacts, vibrations and electric shocks all meet a tough defense. This device should have a relatively long lifespan. Naturally, a higher number of people using it daily means a shorter lifespan.

The size of the Hamster Plus is easy to accept, as it is quite compact. At 2.8 inches tall, this fingerprint reader is a little bit taller than a standard faceplate for electrical sockets and light switches, which are 2.75 inches. The Hamster Plus comes with a weighted stand that can be removed in order to make the device even more compact if you find that necessary. Although, the extra weight from the stand can be useful for keeping the Hamster Plus in place while scanning fingers.

The Hamster Plus is designed to be easy to understand and use. Setup is quick on any Windows PC. The primary connection between the Hamster Plus and the PC is a USB cord. With an emphasis on quick and easy, this device ships with a 2-year warranty to relieve you of some stress if the device does malfunction.

In today's world, passwords are more prevalent than ever, and re-using passwords is bad practice. Remembering all the unique passwords required to authenticate yourself for various devices and accounts can be very difficult. The Hamster Plus reduces the number of passwords you have to remember and provides better security than a standard password. Not only is your fingerprint a more secure password, it is also convenient. And the Hamster Plus has extra convenience features like Auto-On and easy setup that make it an especially useful security device.