The P5100 fingerprint reader is a biometric security solution that works for a single user or an entire network of users. This device incorporates many useful features into a compact and appealing form factor. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the P5100 is the sheer number of users that can be entered The manufacturer's website claims that with the right software, the device can identify users from a database of over 1 million entries.

The high sensitivity of the P5100's fingerprint scanner enabled the manufacturer to apply a thick coating of protective material to the sensor. This increases the durability and longevity of the sensor, which is the most important part of a fingerprint reader. The sensor itself is rated for 2 million rubs. This means that if you want to use the P5100 for personal use, it will likely last a lifetime. Even for certain commercial uses, this biometric system will last for a lifetime. Factoring in 50 rubs per day leads to an estimated life of almost 110 years. We appreciate that this product is built to last.

Weighing in at 111 grams, this device is rather light. That is about the same weight as an iPod. At such a light weight, this device is very portable. The dimensions of the P5100 don't leave much to complain about either. At 70 x 44 x 18 mm, this reader isn't particularly large, though there are smaller readers available. Another nice feature is its scratch-resistant aluminum casing. With a device that will last as long as this fingerprint reader, the physical appearance and strength of the casing is an important consideration.

The P5100 features several design traits that help prevent any form of ESD (electrostatic discharge). This is important because static electricity can cause real damage if it builds up and discharges in a portable electronic device like this fingerprint reader. The very layout of the circuit board in the Verifi was designed in such a way to prevent and mitigate ESD. In addition, the device also has special built-in ESD suppression components.

For an individual or a group of people, remembering passwords can become difficult, especially in large companies where there can be several passwords for various things. That's where the Verifi P5100 comes in. Combined with the proper software, this biometric system can help you eliminate passwords from your life. Your fingerprint becomes your password to get into your computer and many other things. Since you can't forget your finger, and since your finger is unique to you, fingerprint readers are an excellent way to bolster computer security.

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