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The Best ID Scanners of 2017

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Why Buy ID Scanners?

ID scanners are used by nightclubs, bars, casinos and stores that sell alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. They help protect businesses and prevent crime from occurring. These machines let you use a person's ID to verify his or her name, date of birth and even address. Many can also determine if an ID is expired or fake. Some types of scanners include the ID-E-01 Premier Age Verification ID Scanner, Viage CAV-2000 and the Z22 Mobile Mobile ID Scanner.

There are laws that determine who you can serve and sell to; knowing this information quickly can help you avoid breaching these rules, which could result in losing your license to sell and heavy fines. This could be devastating to your business. Having a machine in place to verify identification and age lets you discover problem patrons more quickly than manually checking identification.

ID Scanners: What to Look For

Not every ID card scanner is the same; finding one that offers the features you need is essential. To do this, you have to think about what your business requires in terms of portability, storage and types of alerts.

There are three main types of scanners. The first is a counter version, which is ideal for when you need a scanner that sits in one place the majority of the time. The second type is a handheld scanner. This device is generally made with lightweight materials so that you can carry it around. The third kind is an ID scanner app, which typically uses the internal camera on compatible phones to scan the bar code on the ID or an accessory to swipe the ID. The type of device you choose depends on the current needs of your business.

Some of the ID readers available have the ability to store scans and the information obtained during the scan. This data is useful for keeping track of who has been banned from your venue and for providing the police with helpful information when problems occur. It can also be used to assist you in understanding the activity of your patrons. On many systems, you can determine where your patrons are coming from, if they are repeatedly visiting and how many are men or women.

Knowing what types of alerts you want from your driver's license scanner is important. Some may only alert you to the presence of an underage patron, a fake ID or an expired driver's license. Others, however, give more information, like when an ID is used more than once during the night or when a patron is on the Banned Patrons List. Some will even send you an alert via text message to let you know how many individuals are in your venue and the demographics collected from the device.

These readers can help you protect your business license and keep you from having to pay the heavy fines associated with serving or selling to underage patrons. Choose the device that will give you the features you need.