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The Best Wide Format Scanners of 2017

Increase Your Productivity with a Wide Format Scanner

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The Best Wide Format Scanners of 2017
Our Ranking Wide Format Scanners Price
1 Contex IQ Quattro 4400 $5069.48
2 Contex HD Ultra Quote
3 Colortrac SmartLF SG Quote
4 HP Designjet HD Pro $16995.00
5 Graphtec CSX550 $7413.00
6 Colortrac Professional MFP Solution Quote
7 Canon Oce TC4 Quote
8 WideTEK 48 Quote
9 Xerox 7742 Scan Quote
10 Epson Expression 11000XL $2076.08
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Wide Format Scanners Review

Why Use a Wide Format Scanner?

For many companies, scanning high-quality documents is a must. Whether you are attempting to replicate pictures, maps or blueprints, you need to use a scanning device that doesn't lose any of the details. Oversized scanners are designed to produce high-quality results when scanning large images. These devices can scan images up to 48 inches wide and with high resolutions. Large scanners are ideal for industries such as engineering, graphic design, architecture or cartography that scan an extensive number of large documents like engineering drawings, newspapers, photos, posters or maps.

There are two main types of technology – CCD or CIS – that are used by large scanners to produce high-quality images. Charge-coupled device scanners, also known as CCD, use optical lens and mirrors to focus on images. Contact image sensors, or CIS, use sensors that extend over the entire width of the scanner's bed. Furthermore, many scanners can produce images quickly. If you have high volumes of documents that need scanning, the best wide format scanners can scan 3 to 20 inches per second, depending upon the color and resolution.

However, for companies that do not have a high demand for scanning large images, these devices may not justify their cost and space demands. If your demand for wide image scanning is low, you may easily find a third-party company that provides this type of machine to outsource. In this site you can find articles about large document scanners. Also take a look at our top three products: Contex IQ Quattro 4400, Contex HD Ultra and Colortrac SmartLF SG.

Wide Format Scanners: What to Look For

When looking for the best large scanner, you need to examine your company's specific needs. You should consider the type of documents you will scan and look for a device that has the capabilities to handle the documents' width and thickness. Also, you need to evaluate the type of features you need, such as network, USB connectivity, and the scanner's dimensions and design.

Here are the criteria we used when evaluating these scanning devices.

If you plan to spend a large amount of money on a wide format scanner, you need to know the scanner will meet your company's specific needs. Many large scanners can scan items up to 48 inches wide, but many are much more limited. You also want to carefully consider the thickness of material the scanner can handle. These devices are limited in the types of materials they can process. Furthermore, the speed for these devices varies greatly. If you are producing a large volume of scans each day, you will want a device that does the job quickly and produces high quality.

An important aspect of your wide format scanner is the process required to print the images. Some scanners provide network capabilities such as Ethernet and cloud-enabled tools that allow you to easily access your scanned images. Other large scanners include several USB ports for connecting to an external device. Batch scanning is also a valuable feature that allows you to scan a large number of documents at once with similar settings.

Large format scanners are not small and portable devices. These products can weigh more than 100 pounds and be more than 50 inches wide. When looking for the right device, you want to consider the available space. The design of the scanners vary. Some scanners are placed on a floor stand for easy access, while flatbed scanners are placed on a desk or table.

Help & Support
In case you have problems or issues with your scanner, help must be easily accessible so you don't hinder your company's productivity. Many companies provide email, telephone and live chat support. The best companies feature the product's user manual on the company website for easy access and to assist with any troubleshooting or usage questions you have.

Wide format scanners can be powerful devices that improve your company's productivity. These products are designed to help you create high-quality images in extensive sizes with ease.