Pros / This clock automatically syncs to the correct time.

Cons / While this alarm clock has a backup battery, it does not alarm during a power outage.

 Verdict / This alarm clock only offers basic features. Still, even though you can’t customize the alarm to your waking habits, it is accurate and suffices to wake you up in the morning.

The AcuRite Intelli-time is a basic alarm clock that accurately wakes you up at a specific time each morning. While it lacks extra features, it maintains accurate time with its automatic sync feature; the clock comes preprogramed with the correct time, and you simply set it to the correct time zone.

When testing this alarm clock, we found that the snooze time does not match the time the manufacturer advertises, which resulted in a lower accuracy score. Rather than sound an alarm every eight minutes, the alarm clock only snoozes for five minutes. However, it keeps that five minute interval, as well as the actual time, accurately. You cannot adjust the snooze time, and the alarm only allows you to snooze for an hour before the alarm resets for the next day.

With automatic sync, you do not have to manually set the clock’s time. It also automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, making it a self-maintaining clock. The alarm clock houses a CR2032 backup battery. During a power outage, the battery maintains the time; however, it does not alert you to wake up when running on battery.

This digital alarm clock only has basic features. It has one alarm, and you can adjust the time and volume it wakes you up at. You also can adjust the brightness of the alarm clock’s large display so the light from the screen doesn’t disrupt you during the night. You can easily silence the alarm in the dark or early morning hours with the large snooze button located on the top of the unit. In addition to displaying the time, the clock also tracks the date.

AcuRite warranties this alarm clock against manufacturer defects for one year after the purchase date. If for any reason you need to contact the company, it lists phone and email contact information on its website. The product manual is also available online, so you can access it at any time.

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The AcuRite Intelli-time alarm clock serves as an affordable and effective alarm clock. With few features, it is easy to use and wakes you up on time. While we found that the alarm clock snoozed in shorter increments than advertised, the clock keeps accurate time and wakes you when it is supposed to.

AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital 13030 Visit Site

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