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Emerson Dual Alarm CKS9031 Review

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PROS / Using the backup battery, this dependable alarm clock still alarms during a power outage.

CONS / You cannot adjust the amount of time between snooze alarms.

 VERDICT / With features that improve usability and a built-in radio, you can customize this alarm clock to wake you up the best way possible each morning.

Editor's Note: Emerson CKS1708 Smart Set is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the CKS1708 when we next update the alarm clock reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Emerson Dual Alarm.

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The Emerson Dual Alarm Clock Radio is a dependable and accurate alarm clock. It alarms to wake you up, even when running on its backup battery. It also keeps precise time whether it is operating on electrical or battery power. We award this Emerson alarm clock our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for its accuracy and dependability.

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Ease of Use

Through the tests we ran to see how well the clock keeps time and how precise its alarm is, we found that this alarm clock is very accurate. Our tests also showed that the radio alarm comes on with the correct preset station. In addition, we tested the accuracy of the snooze time increments and the sleep timer, and we found that each function is accurate.

This alarm clock has several features that improve its usability. After you plug it in, the alarm clock automatically syncs to the right time. It also automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, so you do not have to adjust the time during the year.

It also has weekday and weekend modes, so you do not have to turn off your alarm on the weekend. You can set it to go off every day, weekdays only or weekends only, which is helpful when you do not need to wake up early every day.

This alarm clock runs on AC power but has a backup battery, and its power-failure alarm still goes off when the clock is operating on battery. This makes it one of the most dependable alarm clocks we reviewed. It runs on a CR2032 battery that has a long life and rarely needs to be replaced.

In addition to its dependability, you can customize the digital alarm clock to fit your sleeping patterns. For example, if the display screen is too bright, you can lower it. However, you cannot adjust the time between each snooze alarm.


This clock has several features that allow it to function as more than just an alarm clock. In addition to waking you up in the morning, it keeps track of and displays the date. It also doubles as a radio or platform to project music from your music device. You can connect your device to the speakers using the clock’s 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input.

The alarm clock allows you to snooze for nine minutes at a time. While you cannot adjust the snooze increments, you can snooze for an hour before the alarm resets for the next day. The progressive alarm begins chiming quietly and steadily gets louder to wake you up gently each morning.

This Emerson clock has dual alarms, so you and your partner can both use it each morning. You can each select the alarm sound you want to wake up to. The clock allows you to set up to 20 radio preset stations, and you can choose to wake up to your favorite music station. You can also use the sleep timer to fall asleep to music, and the radio reliably turns off after a set amount of time.

Alarm Options

When you set the alarm, you can select to wake up to the sound of a buzzer or the radio. Each of the dual alarms can be set to a different alarm sound. With so many radio presets, you can rotate which music station you want to wake up to.

Help & Support

Emerson only provides a 90-day warranty for this alarm clock, which is short compared to the one-year warranties offered on the top-rated clocks. You can contact Emerson by phone and email, and the contact information is listed on its website. However, we sent several email inquiries and never received a response from customer service, so we recommend contacting the company by phone if you need an immediate response.


The Emerson Dual Alarm Clock has a variety of features that allow you to customize the alarm clock to fit your sleeping style. In addition, it is very accurate; the power-failure-proof alarm wakes you up on battery or AC power. This alarm clock also doubles as a radio and speaker to plug your music device into.

Emerson Dual Alarm CKS9031 Visit Site