Pros / You can wake up to music from your own device, the radio or a buzzer.

Cons / This alarm clock is built to work with Apple products. Although, you can still plug in other devices to charge their batteries and play music.

 Verdict / The iHome iDN38’s variety of features and alarm options make it the best alarm clock. With a dock, USB charging port and auxiliary input, you can connect and charge a variety of devices, as well as listen to music.

More and more people are using their cell phones as alarm clocks, and the iHome iDN38 works with cell phone technology, resulting in a versatile alarm clock that can also serve as a radio, charger and speaker. We award the iHome iDN38 our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its high quality and accuracy.

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Ease of Use

We performed several tests to evaluate the alarm clock’s accuracy. These accuracy tests measured the accuracy of the alarm, as well as the precision of the snooze intervals and sleep timer. We found that all of these functions are precise and go off when they were supposed to. We also made sure the radio came on the right station at the right time, and it performed admirably as well.

The iHome iDN38 has a variety of features that make it convenient and easy to use. If you use the docking station, the alarm clock automatically syncs the time to your iPhone or other Apple-created device. Otherwise, you can manually set the time. Additionally, the alarm clock automatically changes the time for daylight savings time when you use the docking station.

While the docking station only works with Apple products, you can still charge other devices using the USB charger. The alarm clock does not come with a USB cord, but you can use the one that came with your smartphone or music device. This digital alarm clock uses a blue backlight to display the time, and you can adjust the screen’s brightness so that the light does not disrupt your sleep.

Similar to a smartphone clock, you can select which days you want the alarm to go off. You can set the alarm to sound every day, only during the work week or just on the weekend. The alarm clock also has a custom app you can use to separate wake times, and you can adjust the increment between each snooze alarm.

This alarm clock has a backup battery, and it is either powered by its CR2450 backup battery or AC power, which is its primary source. When it is running on battery during a power outage, the alarm clock not only maintains time and alarm settings, but it also still alarms at the correct time. This alarm clock also displays and keeps track of the date.


While you can adjust the snooze time anywhere from one to 29 minutes, the default interval is every nine minutes. We found this alarm clock promptly went off at precisely nine minutes. You can use the snooze feature for up to an hour before the alarm resets for the next day.

The iHome alarm clock has dual alarms that you and your partner can individually customize. You can select the alarm sound you want to wake up to and set your own schedule for when each alarm goes off.

The best alarm clocks have progressive alarms that starts off at a low volume and gradually get louder as they continue to buzz. This alarm clock has both a gradual wake and gradual sleep feature. With six radio presets, you can save your favorite music station and assign the alarm clock to put you to sleep or wake you up to that station.

With the auxiliary input, you can listen to music off of any device. No matter the music source you listen to, either radio or your own device, you can set the sleep timer to gradually lower in volume and eventually turn off at the time you set it to.

Alarm Options

This digital alarm clock offers more alarm options than any other alarm clock we reviewed. You can choose from four different alarms, including a buzzer, the radio, a device connected to the USB port and a device connected to the auxiliary input.

Help & Support

iHome offers a long warranty on this clock. For one year after the purchase date, iHome guarantees against workmanship or manufacturer defects. The product manual is available on the company’s website if you need to access it. You can also contact the company by phone or email, and the contact information is available on its site. iHome was quick to respond to all of our requests and offered resources that helped immensely.


The iHome iDN38 is a versatile alarm clock. Not only does it wake you up in the morning, but you can also use it to listen to music from your devices, whether they are Apple products or not. While the docking station only works with Apple products, the USB port and auxiliary input allow you to charge and play music from electronics made by other manufacturers. This model combines the best features of smartphones and alarm clocks, resulting in an accurate and reliable alarm that you can customize to fit your waking habits.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Ease of Use

Daylight Savings Time
Brightness Control
Automatic Sync Time
Weekday or Weekend Mode
Adjustable Snooze Time


Battery Backup
Lithium Button Cell
AC Power
Power Failure Alarm
USB Charger

Convenience Features

Default Snooze Time (minutes)
Maximum Snooze Time (minutes)
Radio Presets
Dual Alarms
Sleep Timer
Auxiliary Input (3.5mm)
12/24 Hour Clock
Progressive Alarm

Alarm Options

Number of Alarms
Radio Alarm

Help & Support

1 Year