Pros / This alarm clock automatically syncs to an atomic clock.

Cons / You cannot control the brightness of the screen.

 Verdict / The Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock has several features that make it a convenient choice, including a projector, automatic time syncing and automatic daylight saving adjustment.

The Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock displays the time, date and temperature on its screen. Set to an atomic clock, you do not have to adjust this clock for daylight savings, and it automatically syncs to the correct time.

Since this clock is set to an atomic clock, it maintains a very accurate time. In our testing, the alarm time and snooze increments all proved to be precise. With increments of eight minutes, we found that the alarm clock always buzzed at the correct time. It allows you to snooze indefinitely, so you have to turn off the alarm before it resets itself for the next day.

The display shows the time, date and indoor temperature. As an atomic alarm clock, you do not have to manually adjust the time for daylight saving time, but you can change the time to reflect the time zone you are in. In addition to showing the time on the display, the digital alarm clock projects it on the wall. You cannot adjust the brightness of the screen, but the backlight turns off unless you are touching the clock.

This alarm clock does have a battery backup feature. Using two AA batteries, it maintains the time during a power outage. However, it does not alarm unless it has AC power.

The alarm clock only has one alarm you can use: a buzzer. It is a progressive alarm that starts off quiet and reaches over 60 decibels at its loudest, but it does not have a radio or way to plug in and listen to your music devices.

Oregon Scientific only offers a 90-day warranty for this unit. If you need to contact the company, its website lists phone and email contact information. You can also talk to a customer service representative using the live chat feature on the website.

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  1. The manufacturer warranty listed in days.
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  2. 7  Oregon Scientific
    90.0 Days
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  4. 365.0 Days
  5. 90.0 Days
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    282.5 Days


The Oregon Scientific Alarm Clock projects the time onto the ceiling, making it convenient to see the time in the middle of the night. On its large display, this alarm clock also shows the date, temperature and time. While it only offers basic functions, this alarm clock is accurate and easy to use.

Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Visit Site