Pros / This alarm clock is Bluetooth compatible, so you can listen to music devices and even answer the phone.

Cons / It lacks convenience features, like adjustable snooze time and weekend mode, that would improve its usability.

 Verdict / With a variety of features, this alarm clock not only gradually wakes you up in the morning, but it also serves as a sleep timer at night and quality speaker during the day.

The Philips Clock Radio has several features that make it more than just an alarm clock. With Bluetooth capability, a USB charger and radio, this alarm clock is multifunctional. While it lacks convenience features that would improve its usability, this is a quality alarm clock you can customize to fit your sleep routine.

When testing this product, we found that it kept time well and always alarmed when it was supposed to. With nine minute intervals between each snooze, it buzzed within seconds of when it should. The alarm clock does not have a maximum number of times you can hit snooze before it resets, meaning you must turn off the alarm if you want it to stop snoozing. You cannot adjust the increments between each snooze alarm.

We also tested the radio alarm to see if the alarm clock came on with the right station preset. With 10 preset stations, the alarm clock alarms using the right station at the right time. You can also use the sleep timer to listen to the radio as you go to sleep.

This clock only has two alarm sound options: the buzzer and the radio. The buzzer is a progressive alarm that starts off quietly and slowly gets louder the longer the alarm buzzes. This digital alarm clock has dual alarms, so both you and your partner can use it to wake up at different times. You can customize each alarm to come on using either the buzzer or radio.

In addition to having a radio, this alarm clock has Bluetooth capabilities. You can sync your smartphone or music device and listen to your own music. You can also answer phone calls, and the sound comes through the clock’s speakers. With a USB charger, you can charge your phone while you listen to music. If your device is not Bluetooth enabled, you can still listen to music; the alarm clock has an auxiliary input you can use to play audio.

While this radio alarm clock performs several functions in addition to being an alarm clock, it lacks features that improve its usability. Rather than sync the time to your phone, you have to manually set the time and adjust it for daylight saving time. It also lacks a weekday and weekend mode that automatically turns your alarm off on the days you don’t need to be up early. In addition, you cannot adjust the brightness on this alarm clock’s large display.

This alarm clock has battery backup and uses two AA batteries. While the alarm does not go off during a power outage, the batteries maintain the time and alarm settings. Philips offers a one-year warranty on this product. If you need to contact its customer service department, you can only reach them by phone.

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  • Warranty
  • Alarm Type Options
  • Maximum Noise Level
  1. The manufacturer warranty listed in days.
    More is better.
  2. 5  Philips
    365.0 Days
  3. 365.0 Days
  4. 365.0 Days
  5. 90.0 Days
  6. Category Average
    282.5 Days


The Philips Clock Radio has several advanced features that other alarm clocks we reviewed do not offer. Its Bluetooth compatibility allows you to sync your phone to the clock and listen to music or talk to friends on the phone. It focuses on providing ways for you to listen to music and is missing several features that would make it easier to use, specifically automatic sync, automatic daylight saving time adjustment and adjustable snooze time.

Philips AJT3300/37 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

1 Year
Live Chat

Alarm Options

Number of Alarms
Radio Alarm

Convenience Features

Default Snooze Time (minutes)
Maximum Snooze Time (minutes)
Radio Presets
Dual Alarms
Sleep Timer
Auxiliary Input (3.5mm)
12/24 Hour Clock
Progressive Alarm
Bluetooth Compatible


Battery Backup
2 AA
AC Power
Power Failure Alarm
USB Charger

Ease of Use

Daylight Savings Time
Brightness Control
Automatic Sync Time
Weekday or Weekend Mode
Adjustable Snooze Time