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Pros / It has a USB charging port, so you can charge your smartphone or other devices.

Cons / The alarm clock doesn’t have a radio.

 Verdict / While it has some extra features like dual alarms, with only one alarm sound option and few additional features, the alarm clock doesn’t allow for much customization. This makes it more of a basic alarm clock.

The Timex XBBU Dual Alarm Clock has several features that make it versatile, including a USB charger and built-in nightlight. This alarm clock keeps accurate time and still alarms during a power outage.

In our accuracy tests, we found that this alarm clock not only keeps accurate time, but it also alerts you to wake up at the exact time it is supposed to, whether it’s alarming for the first time or between snoozes. The clock doesn’t have automatic sync time and you have to manually set it for daylight saving time, but you can adjust the snooze alarm interval.

This digital alarm clock comes programmed with a snooze function that sounds every nine minutes after you hit the button. The alarm clock allows you to snooze the alarm for an entire hour before it resets for the next day. With dual alarms, you can set two alarms at different times for you and your partner. The clock uses a progressive alarm that gradually gets louder the longer it runs; this feature firmly but gently wakes you up.

The alarm clock does not have a radio or more than one alarm sound. Still, it has a power failure alarm that still alerts you to wake up when the device loses power, making it one of the most dependable clocks we reviewed. Its CR2032 battery rarely requires replacement. It also has a USB charger port that powers your smartphone or music devices. However, it cannot play music from a USB connected device.

The alarm clock is missing several advanced features like a sleep timer, date readout, temperature display and projector. It simply displays the time, serves as an alarm clock and charges your devices. You can adjust the brightness on the alarm clock’s large display, making it brighter or dimmer. It also has a built-in nightlight you can easily find and use in the dark.

This alarm clock has a 90-day warranty that protects it against defects in workmanship. If you need to contact the company, Timex has a phone number and email address listed on its website. The product manual for this alarm clock is also available online.

  • Warranty
  • Alarm Type Options
  • Maximum Noise Level
  1. The manufacturer warranty listed in days.
    More is better.
  2. 8  Timex XBBU Dual Alarm
    90.0 Days
  3. 365.0 Days
  4. 365.0 Days
  5. 90.0 Days
  6. Category Average
    282.5 Days


This clock is both accurate and dependable. During a power outage, the alarm still goes off at the set time. If you need an alarm that will always wake you up on time, this model is a good option. However, with few additional features, like a radio, temperature display or date information, it serves as a basic alarm clock.

Timex XBBU Dual Alarm T128 Visit Site