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Top 10 Online Games to Play When You're Bored

    Editor’s note: The content below originated on October 18, 2010 and the page was updated February 1, 2017 during scheduled maintenance. The original content was not affected. If

HTC Cuts Cord on Vive VR Headset With New Wireless Adapter

The HTC Vive successor was rumored to debut at CES, but we won't be seeing the Vive 2 virtual reality headset just yet. HTC had plenty of other announcements at its press conference, however. When we

Top 5 Video Games for the Best Captures

Not all video games lend themselves well to recording or live streaming. The best game captures happen when the game has interesting gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a skilled and enthusiastic player

Party Play: Which Consoles Are Best for Multiplayer Gaming?

Whether you’re teaming up with buddies around the world to take out the Covenant or building a world with your friends on the couch, multiplayer game consoles make the play more fun. Picking out

Coming Soon: The Hottest New and Coolest Retro Video Game Consoles

Whether you’re dreaming of a time when you can play Halo in virtual reality or you’re longing for the nostalgia of Galaga in all its pixelated glory, the next crop of video game consoles p

Goodbye Gamer Gut: The Best Video Game Consoles for Workout Games

Part of the fun of video games is imagining yourself with the physique and athleticism of Lara Croft or the overripe machismo of Kratos. Unfortunately, after too many hours of Tomb Raider or God of Wa

PlayStation VR: Virtual Reality in Your Living Room

Eventually, virtual reality will transform the world. We’ll all be commuting to the VR room in our homes instead of the office on the other side of town or sitting on our couch to watch movies i

Consoles vs. PCs: Two Worlds of Gaming

The battle lines are drawn. On one side sit the console players, lounging on their couches, controllers in hand. On the other, the PC gamers, clutching their keyboards and mice, their computers as pow

The PC Steering Wheel: The Best Way to Enhance Racing Games

Getting behind the wheel and careening around corners gives you a major dose of adrenaline in real cars. With the proper setup, you can get a similar feeling when you're behind a gaming steering wheel

Video Game Console VR: The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming

In the early '90s, gamers dreamed about playing their favorite games with virtual reality headsets. However, because VR was always so expensive, the dream of thousands of gamers died quickly. Over the

The Future of Handheld Game Consoles

When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched after the Nintendo Wii U, most of the gaming industry turned to watch these new consoles. However, if you own a Nintendo 3DS or a PlayStation Vita, you may

Why Use a Game Capture Device With the PS4, Xbox One and Your PC?

The latest video game consoles and video cards for PCs have built-in recording and streaming tools. So why should you bother buying a game capture device? There are many benefits to using a game captu

In the Next-Gen Console War, Gamers Win

The next-gen video game consoles are now available, and once again, gamers have to choose between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Although Nintendo's Wii U beat the other two consoles to shelves and has

Can a Racing Game Teach You How to Drive?

Video games and simulations offer the opportunity to experience a variety of situations we probably would not normally find ourselves in, such as being pinned down in enemy territory firing an MP5 wit

Anatomy of a Man Cave

Everyone needs a place where they can escape the daily routine. We all want to get away from the world, whether it's from nagging children, stress at work or our significant others telling us to get s

Games for Non-Gamers

The kids have been begging you for the latest video game device for months now. They keep reminding you that the whole family will enjoy having it, and that some games are even educational. How can yo

Top 5 Reasons for Game Capture

Each gamer has their own reason for wanting game capture abilities. After conducting research and talking with avid gamers, we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons gamers use game capture softwar

How to Copy PS2 Games

While "addiction" may be too strong of a word to describe your relationship with your PlayStation 2 (PS2) system, somewhere between "moderate preoccupation" and "complete obsession" probably fits the

Copying XBox Games: The Basics

With hundreds of dollars invested into Xbox gaming systems, many people are looking for ways to better protect their investment-making backup game copies has become a popular alternative. Although it'

Emulator: Legal or Not?

One of the most frustrating aspects of selecting which game console to purchase is that you know it will be obsolete in just a few years. The gaming companies stop producing new games for the older sy

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