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Best Karaoke Machines

Best Karaoke Machines - Home Karaoke Machines for Adults

We spent over 20 hours testing and evaluating 10 karaoke machines to find the best ones. Our overall winner is the Singing Machine Vibe, which is the best candidate for livening up any get-together without breaking the bank. In our tests, it was a cinch to set up and start using. We especially liked its connectivity options, which make it easy to sing to any song on the Internet. 

ProductPriceOverall RatingPricePerformanceConnectivity & DesignEase of UseEase of SetupSound ProjectionSound QualityVoice Control/CoachVoice EffectsIncluded MicrophonesBuilt-In SpeakerBuilt-In MonitorIncluded RemoteLine InUSBHDMICD PlayerSD Card SlotBluetoothDimensions (inches)Weight (pounds)Warranty
Singing Machine VibeView Deal5/5554.7AAA-A2X11.4 x 7.7 x 16.110.890 Days
VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On RollerView Deal4.5/544.85AA+A+A+2X18 x 18 x 28371 Year
Singing Machine Fiesta PlusView Deal4.5/ Mic15.6 x 15.6 x 25.213.590 Days
Electrohome EAKAR535View Deal4.5/554.53.5BB+B-B113.3 x 11.3 x 13.34.91 Year
Singing Machine ISM1060BTView Deal4/ x 18 x 37.912.790 Days
VocoPro KaraokeDualView Deal4/ Mic16 x 11 x 126.91 Year
Electrohome EAKAR300View Deal4/544.23C+C+CB-114 x 10.6 x 12.57.21 Year
Memorex MKS-SS2View Deal4/554.42.9B-B-A-A-18.5 x 8.5 x 14.510.590 Days
Singtrix SGTX1View Deal4/544.52.3BB-B+A-121 x 14 x 142590 Days
Magic Sing ET23KHView Deal3.5/543.92.9A-A2X5.6 x 2.3 x7.37

Best Overall

Singing Machine Vibe

Singing Machine Vibe

Extremely easy to set up and use
Has plenty of connection options
Includes 2 microphones
No built-in monitor
Bluetooth setup isn’t entirely intuitive
Warranty only lasts for 90 days

The Singing Machine Vibe quickly stood out in our tests as the crowd favorite. It is easy to set up, and it’s simple for users of all ages and experience levels to use.

You can connect the device to a TV, tablet or smartphone to view a song’s lyrics. It boasts Bluetooth, HDMI, USB and line-in connectivity, allowing you to connect to TVs and speakers and easily sing along to karaoke tunes you’ve downloaded or found on YouTube. The Vibe comes with two microphones and has a small light feature, so you can start the party as soon as you plug it in.

During our testing, the Vibe didn’t take long to set up. The only slight hang-up was pairing a device via Bluetooth. The process wasn’t intuitive on its own, but the manual lays it out step by step. The karaoke machine is also easy to use, with clearly labeled buttons and knobs. The only thing it’s missing is a screen for displaying song lyrics or menu information. This isn’t a huge deal if you’d rather use a TV or phone anyway, but it’s not an all-in-one unit for those who prefer that kind of setup. Aside from that, sound quality for the Vibe was loud and crystal clear. It filled the theater that we tested in and sounded great even from the back of the room

Best Value

Singing Machines Fiesta Plus

Singing Machines Fiesta Plus

Has all the popular music source connectivity options
Comes with two microphones
Includes built-in voice effects
One of the largest, least portable machines
Poor sound quality
Warranty only covers 90 days

With Singing Machine’s Fiesta Plus, you have access to a full array of connectivity options that let the karaoke machine easily integrate with your home’s entertainment center.

It has a fun design that includes a colorful light resembling a disco ball that adds an extra element of fun to any room. And although it’s one of the largest machines that we tested, it was one of the easiest to use.

The Fiesta Plus comes standard with two microphones. It allows you to differentiate individual microphone settings, and it’s easy to adjust echo and other voice effects. Built-in speakers and a monitor make the Plus a great all-in-one option, so you can easily take your karaoke party on the go. A handy USB port lets you access downloaded karaoke tracks directly on the machine, or if you connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or a line-in connection, you can sing along with the latest popular karaoke tracks on YouTube. The song source versatility of the Fiesta Plus ensures that everyone can join in and sing their favorite songs.

The only downside to the Singing Machine Fiesta Plus is its poor sound quality and projection. Even with the machine’s volume cranked up to 11, it was hard to hear anything besides the singer, even if you were sitting 5 or so feet away from it. But it works just fine for quiet singers and small spaces.

Best for Karaoke Enthusiasts

VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller

VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller

Boasts the best sound quality
Has a built-in swivel lyric monitor
The easiest to set up and use
Biggest unit in our comparison
Most expensive machine we reviewed
No HDMI connection

Having a machine that takes karaoke as seriously as you do is critical. With the VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller, you get unparalleled ease of setup and sound quality, plenty of song sources and a solid all-in-one machine on wheels. And even though it’s the most expensive item in our comparison, we feel it’s well worth it when you consider all of the performance, connectivity, design and customer support factors.

This machine gives you a variety of ways to connect your music. There’s USB, Bluetooth, AV in and out, and a CD reader, all of which are fairly standard options. In addition, the karaoke machine has an SD card slot and an FM tuner, options which aren’t found on any other device. However, no HDMI option could limit TV and computer connectivity. There is the option to plug in a guitar, in case you want to play while you sing.

Although the VocoPro Karaoke Rock-On Roller is the largest device that we tested, it’s not hindered by that. It’s extremely easy to set up and use. Professional microphones and a heavy-duty speaker guarantee clear, powerful sound. The swivel monitor pops up from the top and the navigation buttons are clearly labeled and intuitively laid out. All ports are at the rear of the unit and easy to access.

Most Affordable

Electrohome EAKAR300

Electrohome EAKAR300

Least expensive karaoke machine in our comparison
Has voice effects
Has a great warranty
Lackluster sound projection
No built-in monitor for lyrics
No Bluetooth connectivity option

You can get the Electrohome EAKAR300 karaoke machine for about $50. Its simple design makes it decently easy for users of any age to interact with.

Most other entry-level karaoke machines cost well over $100, so the EAKAR300 is a steal if you aren’t looking for top-notch performance or the latest media connectivity options. The portable karaoke device ships with a corded microphone as well as starter CD and RCA audio video cables for quick setup.

This karaoke machine doesn’t take long to set up, and you can start singing immediately, as it comes with a CD+G karaoke disc loaded with a handful of sample songs. For more songs, you can download your own songs to a rewriteable CD or buy additional karaoke CDs. If you don’t want to pay for additional songs, you can connect the player to your smart device to access streaming or locally stored songs.

The design of the Electrohome EAKAR300 is small and sleek. Its black plastic exterior helps it blend in with your other modern electronic devices, and it’s lightweight enough to travel with or move to and from storage. It features a blue party light around the top that adds a small stylish touch to your party.

Best Voice Effects

Singtrix SGTX1

Singtrix SGTX1

Sound quality is good
Has a fun, professional visual appeal
Includes the largest quantity of sound effects
Bulky and heavy
Has a super short warranty period
No built-in display for reading lyrics

The Singtrix is a professional-looking machine that can make karaoke an immersive experience for your friends and family.

Whether you’re at home or on the stage, Singtrix’s amp, microphone stand, and effects console gives off a polished, put-together look, although it’s more of a hassle to set up than most other machines we reviewed. Its limited connectivity options and lack of a dedicated monitor also leave something to be desired.

While every other karaoke machine we tested offers multiple ways to access song content, Singtrix only offers one: a line-in connection for your phone or tablet. Sure, this works for those who have a smart device and internet access, but the system becomes useless if you need a CD player, USB or HDMI port, SD card reader or Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll have to rely on your smartphone or tablet screens to read lyrics, though the system does come with a clip-on stand for your device that attaches to the microphone stand.

Connectivity aside, where Singtrix shines is with its effects console. With this, you can do all kinds of things to the sound of your voice. You can lightly enhance it with options like reverb or chorus. Or you can go for something crazy with Robotica, Distorted Dude or Prank Caller. This console connects to both the microphones and the amp and comes with interchangeable faceplates.

Why Trust Us

Karaoke machines aren’t cheap, so we know how important it is to buy one that meets your needs and impresses your friends. Having spent our fair share of late nights and company parties belting out classics by Whitney Houston, Journey and Adele, we value the ability to choose from a wide range of songs, and we appreciate the extras that add a little pizzazz to performances. We recommend deciding whether portability is important to you, since there are several compact models available. Our experts looked at every aspect of these machines, so you can buy – and sing – with confidence.

How Much Does a Karaoke Machine Cost?

Entry-level karaoke machines usually cost between $50 and $400 depending on the power and features you want. We found that the sweet spot is between $80 and $200, as machines in this range have the best performance abilities and connectivity options for the price.

How We Tested

We tested the devices hands-on during a company party and in a private setting to determine how easy each machine is to use, how useful its features are and how powerful it is. We also visited manufacturer websites and analyzed all available machine specifications. We then went to retailer websites and read user reviews for input on ease of setup and use.

With popular artists releasing new songs and albums on the regular, we focused on machines that can upload or connect to new tracks as they become available. We saw that users appreciate having a variety of ways to play music, whether through preloaded tracks, an auxiliary hookup, CDs or connecting to live instruments.

We kept in mind that some users might want to throw a karaoke machine in the car and take it to parties, while others might prefer a more permanent, professional setup. Aside from portability, units that are generally easy to use, and are also feature-rich, were the clear winners in our evaluations.

It’s important to consider whether you’re a once-in-a-while karaoke crooner or a more dedicated aspiring cover artist before you buy one of these units. Background vocals, reverb and live-instrument connectivity are available to more ambitious singers willing to spend a substantial sum on a karaoke machine. But less expensive models with fewer features can provide the same experience for some.

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Karaoke Machine

Music Sources

More is always better. Whether through CDs, preloaded music or connectivity to an external source via an auxiliary cord, karaoke machines that support several formats for playing music give you and your friends the widest song selection. In our tests, we saw that people most preferred to find a karaoke tune on their phones and connect them to the karaoke machine via line-in or Bluetooth. They also liked the traditional experience of flipping through a list of available preloaded songs and entering in a code. The least popular machines were ones that only accepted a CD.

Before you purchase a karaoke machine, consider how and where you intend to use it, and use this information to choose a machine that won’t be a hassle to set up. We recommend buying a machine that either includes all the necessary cords and accessories or clearly notes which pieces aren’t included so you can purchase them simultaneously. Discovering your machine is missing necessities when you are ready to sing can really put a damper on your karaoke party.

Most of the karaoke machines we reviewed have plug-and-play designs, meaning there isn’t much setup beyond plugging them in. We recommend this type of machine if you plan to travel with yours frequently, since they are small and easy to set up. Models with lots of components and a bird’s nest of cords are a hassle to travel with and better suited to being permanent fixtures in a room.


Before shopping, consider how you’ll use your karaoke machine so you know whether you need to purchase extra equipment. For example, you may want to purchase additional microphones so two people can sing at the same time. Or maybe you want cordless mics so you can move and dance around while you sing.

Also, think about how you plan to play songs: Are you going to use a CD or connect a cord and pull them from the YouTube app on your smartphone? In addition, consider whether the machine has an onboard screen for lyrics. If not, you may need to purchase additional cables to connect it to your TV.

Should You Buy a Karaoke Machine?

Rapid technological advancement means karaoke machines are becoming more high-tech, but it also means they might one day become obsolete. With several smartphone karaoke apps on the market (such as Yokee) that let you record and play back your performances, you might want to skip the hardware purchase and use an app instead, if you’re more performance-minded. Otherwise, if you just like to have fun with your friends, karaoke machines are always a sure bet.