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ThrustMaster T80 Racing Wheel Review

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PROS / The gas and brake pedals are adjustable to give you more comfort.

CONS / The TopDrive Wireless runs through its batteries quickly.

 VERDICT / While the idea of a wireless gaming wheel is attractive, the inconsistent steering sensitivity hurts the experience.

Thrustmaster is one of the leaders in the gaming steering wheel industry. It produces more racing wheels than just about any other manufacturer. The T80 Racing Wheel is one of Thrustmaster's latest additions. Made to work with the PS4, PS3 and PC, the T80 has several useful features, decent design and excellent customization options. There are a few things missing that hold the T80 back a bit, like a floor grip on the pedals and a stick shift. However, by and large, the T80 is a solid gaming steering wheel.

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You have access to a total of 13 buttons, some of which you can reprogram to suit your needs for different games. The T80 is the only PC steering wheel on our lineup that has a wheel rotation of 1,080 degrees. Most high-end racing wheels only go to 900 degrees, giving you 2.5 rotations – just like a real car. However, the T80 goes even further, which gives you more control options in your games. You don't have to use all 1,080 degrees if you don't want to, as you can adjust the steering sensitivity.

  1. How many degrees the wheel can turn
    Degrees (more is better)
  2. 4 ThrustMaster T80 Racing Wheel
    1080 Degrees
  3. 900 Degrees
  4. 900 Degrees
  5. 1080 Degrees
  6. Category Average
    780.00 Degrees

We were disappointed to see that there isn't even an option to include a stick shift. Instead, you have to rely on two paddle shifters located on the back of the wheel. While this is not a major issue, the whole point of racing wheels is to immerse yourself in your games. There simply aren't any real cars that have paddle shifters on the wheel instead of a stick shift, and that hurts the immersion somewhat.

The T80 steering wheel is 11 inches in diameter, which is a good size. It gives your hands plenty of room. The wheel setup is very light, which could be cause for concern. You don't want the pedals or the wheel to move around much while you're racing down tight roads. The best PC steering wheels are somewhat hefty to prevent them from sliding around.


The Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel is a solid set that can give you more control of your racing games. It also helps you immerse yourself in your games. A few flaws hold this gaming steering wheel set back, but overall, it does a great job of improving your interaction with racing games. Nearly everything is customizable, and it has enough features to make it relevant. The T80 is not the best racing wheel, but it comes close.

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