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Truth Cam Blackout Review

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PROS / This game camera offers one of the highest resolutions that you will find.

CONS / The battery life of the Truth Cam Blackout is short and lasts approximately one month.

 VERDICT / While this game camera provides a quick shutter speed and high-resolution images, many users want a longer battery life and more memory capacity.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Truth Cam Blackout

The Primos Truth Cam Blackout was designed to be hidden from both humans and animals to better capture a natural environment. This game camera is very easy to use and operate. It is one of our top 10 picks for game cameras because of its weather-resistant design and for the quality footage it captures. It didn't rank higher on our list because the battery life doesn't compare to some of the top trail cameras that we found; however, throughout our research, we found that the Truth Cam Blackout captures movement in the area under surveillance and has a quick shutter speed that won't miss the activity.

We were very impressed with the design of the Truth Cam Blackout. This game camera is easy to operate and is built tough for outdoor use. The bottom half of the camera opens to reveal a battery compartment on each side of the camera in addition to a control panel and a display screen for the menu. While you cannot view images on this display screen, the screen makes it simple to navigate through the camera's menu to select the specific settings you require for your scouting.

The Truth Cam Blackout provides one of the highest resolutions that we found in game cameras. At 7 MP, there are only two cameras with higher resolutions. The footage is excellent because of the detail that the camera picks up, allowing you to see the characteristics of your game. The focus range of this camera is approximately 50 feet, day or night. No matter when the camera captures footage, you will be able to see the area clearly as well as the animals crossing your area because of the quick shutter speed.

Primos created this product with infrared technology that will sense motion in the area and capture a photo or a video based on your settings. There is also an infrared flash that allows the camera to capture excellent pictures day or night and in any kinds of weather. There is continuous shooting as well so you can get multiple pictures from any one movement. As we stated above, the shutter speed of this camera is excellent, so you are sure to capture excellent footage. The camera's continuous shooting will only provide more of that great footage.

This trail camera runs on four D batteries that we found will last for approximately one month. The battery life is affected by the activity during the day and at night, as well as the temperature and the settings that you have the camera running on.

There is no internal memory within the Truth Cam Blackout; however, it will hold an SD card with up to 8GB of memory. While there are game cameras that offer the capacity to support cards with more memory, the memory capacity of the Truth Cam Blackout works well with the camera's battery life. You will be able to capture more than 5,000 photos, which will more than likely last you a number of weeks for capturing footage.

Primos provides a user manual that comes with the camera, and it is also accessible online through your Primos account. The company has representatives available via email and by phone. We recommend calling the toll-free phone number because although we had a short wait, we were able to connect to someone.

When we emailed the support team, we never received a response. We waited on the phone for approximately 11 minutes before we were connected to a representative. Once we were connected, the representative was able to answer all of our questions and assist us without looking up a great deal of information on the camera. The support team seems to know and understand the product, which is always comforting when you are using representatives as a knowledge base.

There is a one-year warranty on the Truth Cam Blackout that provides a level of comfort when making a large purchase like this. Again, we recommend calling the representatives if you have a problem, but once you make contact, they are great to work with and will be able to provide a great deal of assistance, making sure you are taken care of.


We recommend the Truth Cam Blackout for the image quality, shutter speed and for its rugged and durable design. If you are going to leave this camera for periods that extend beyond a month, we recommend selecting a different game camera that will offer a longer battery life and additional memory capacity. If you are leaving this game camera close to home where you will be able to check on it every couple of weeks, it is a fine option that will provide excellent footage.

Truth Cam Blackout