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7-11 Made 77 Drone Deliveries This Year, Beating Amazon & Google

When you think of cutting edge business to consumer technology, you think of the big players like Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple or Microsoft. You aren’t so quick to put 7-Eleven on your list. I

GoPro Relaunches Karma Drone After Disappointing Recall

The GoPro Karma, the company’s first-ever drone, is back on sale in the United States and available to order. The RC drone allows you to capture footage while it flies hundreds of feet in the ai

PowerUp FPV Lets You Fly Your Paper Airplane in Virtual Reality

You can't turn a corner on the CES show floor without seeing at least one drone or a virtual reality headset. One exhibitor decided to combine the two. The PowerUp FPV is a remote control airplane th

Best Model Airplane Review

Anyone can enjoy the world of model airplanes, but aspiring pilots and history buffs are especially enthusiastic about this fun hobby. For the history buff, there is a story embedded in each model air

Best Remote Control Helicopter for Beginners

From collecting rocks to horseback riding, people have many different hobbies that they love. Whether it is something that you have enjoyed for years or something new you have picked up, hobbies are a

5 Tips for Modifying the Perfect Remote Control Helicopter

Flying remote control helicopters is a popular hobby among young and old alike. If you own one, you know how fun it can be to fly it through the air and perform cool tricks. However, without upgrades,

RC Drones: How To Stay Safe and Capture Great Footage

Back in elementary school you were probably told the phrase safety comes first. Today in our busy lives, it's easy to forget about this simple three-word saying or simply take it for granted. If you g

RC Boats and Shipwrecks: Fantasy Meets Reality

Everything is at risk of being destroyed. Seafaring ships – from giant ocean liners to tiny remote controlled boats – are no different. In the world of RC boats, strong materials like thick plastic, w

RC Cars Spotlight: the Arial Wraith

Axial released the Wraith with much hype in May of 2011. At the time, RC enthusiasts didn't know exactly what to expect. Since that time, however, it has been tried and tested in a wide variety of ter

Need for Speed: 5 Top RC Jets

Electric RC jets are remote control airplanes that use electric ducted fans, or EDFs, to go much faster than a conventional airplane. EDFs are electricity-powered propellers that sit inside of a tube.

DJI Phantom

Amazing! Stunning! Incredible! Marvelous! There are not enough words around to describe the DJI Phantom. This is the ultimate quadcopter with enough advanced features and functions to fly circles arou

5 Things You Need To Know Before Flying That RC Jet

Once you have mastered beginner remote control airplanes, you open yourself up to more exciting and attractive planes. You set the high-wing trainer aside and purchase that RC jet you've been dreamin

Top 5 RC Off-Roading Destinations

Are you tired of your backyard? Is the neighborhood running out of obstacles for your RC car? There are plenty of places that have unique topography, exciting landscapes and rough terrain perfect for

6 Tips for Flying Your RC Helicopter

Compared to the operation of other remote-control devices, RC helicopters are a little trickier to master. Their responsiveness is also their handicap for novice flyers, because one misstep will send

10 (or so) Water-bound Movies to Watch or Re-Watch

Many of our great adventures in literature and film have taken place in and around the water. Boats are synonymous with adventure. Whether you're waterskiing in the Ozarks, sailing on the Indian Ocean

How To: Build an RC Boat

We all have hobbies. Some of us like to carve furniture and others like to play sports. And then there are the folks who like to live vicariously through miniature devices like remote control boats. W

An Expert's Guide to Nautical Terminology

There is nothing like spending a little time out on the water. Boating is a hobby that individuals of all ages enjoy. It is a pastime that encompasses much needed knowledge such as boat types, tools,

Why Buy a Remote Control Plane?

Since man first looked to the sky and envied the birds, the power of flight has always captivated humans. If you're already an RC plane hobbyist, you know the freedom Whether you’re a World War II h

Remote Controlled Helicopters: Finding the Right Model for Your Skill Level

Flying a remote control helicopter is an attractive hobby for the young and young at heart. Whether you're giving a gift to a child or starting a new hobby for yourself, finding the right remote contr

RC Cars: Better Safe Than Sorry

At the risk of alienating those folks whose eyes glaze over with boredom and jaws go slack with lackadaisical apathy at the mere mention of the word safety, the fact is that operating a remote-control

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