Redcat Racing Volcano EPX review

Redcat Racing's Volcano EPX is a monster-style RC truck that, performs well on and off the road.

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Redcat Racing Volcano EPX remote control car
(Image: © Redcat)

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The Volcano EPX doesn't have the highest speeds or the longest battery life, but its large wheels and four-wheel drive make it an excellent choice for varied terrain.


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    Excellent off road

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    Looks great


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    Short battery life

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If you're looking for an RC truck that is more monster than car, then look no further than the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX. This goliath monster truck is designed for off road use and can smash its way through surprisingly rough ground - it can even climb up and over obstacles. Add all that together with a decent top speed, good handling and a durable design and what we have here is one of the best remote control cars money can buy.

During our tests, we looked at the top speed, handling and drive capabilities for performance scoring of remote control cars. In these respects, the Volcano EPX is one of the best RC trucks we tested. While features like these aren't the most important for every user, experienced RC enthusiasts will certainly appreciate their value.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX review: Performance

The highest speed we measured for the Volcano was 19 mph, just shy of Redcat Racing's quoted top speed of 20 mph. To be fair, we recorded this speed on a brand-new vehicle, and as RC cars break in, they typically run a little faster. Once it's broken in, it's possible that yours will run a little faster.

The most impressive aspect of this vehicle's performance, however, is not its raw speed but its ability to maintain speed and stability over uneven terrain. The Volcano handled off-road terrain with comparative ease, lazily bouncing over obstacles that stopped, slowed or even flipped other models. This off-road prowess is attributable to its large wheels and high clearance, but we also found its four-wheel drive to be very useful and its independent suspension well balanced.

Thanks to the large wheels and high clearance, the Volcano EPX is very durable. Most abuse is absorbed by either its wheels or suspension, so the actual body of the truck doesn't take much damage. Even when it flipped and rolled in our tests, its chassis and shell proved more than capable of deflecting damage. It reinforces this durability with sealed electronics casings, which keep it safe from debris and water damage.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX remote control car

(Image credit: Redcat)

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX review: Battery life

Like most high-end remote control vehicles, the Volcano comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery. Battery life is not exactly the strong suit of remote control cars, and the Volcano only offers 7-10 minutes of runtime before the battery needs recharging. Some cars give you a few minutes more, but for the most part, it doesn't get much better. For longer drive times, it's a good idea to pick up some extra batteries and a high-speed charger.

The remote control for the Volcano requires eight AA batteries and is about as easy to use as you can expect from an RC truck of this caliber. Like most hobby-grade vehicles, it uses a 2.4GHz pistol-grip transmitter with proportional control. While this gives you complete control over your vehicle, it also means that it may be too complicated for young children.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX review: Warranty and support

Since these trucks often jumped, crashed and generally abused, warranties are typically short for remote control cars. At just 90 days, the Volcano EPX's is actually among the longest in our review. This warranty, however, is limited, and it's only really useful if something proves to be defective. Fortunately, if something happens to break during normal use, you can easily purchase replacement parts from Redcat Racing. In fact, you can even upgrade parts for improved performance.

For help, you can consult the user manual or reach Redcat Racing support by phone or email. In case you'd rather consult the RC community, Redcat Racing also hosts active forums with a wide variety of topics.

Should you buy the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX?

The Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is fast, stable and just plain fun to drive. Although many RC vehicles out there offer higher speeds and bodies more suited for racing, the Volcano's large wheels and high clearance make it quite proficient in a wider variety of terrains. For this reason, it's a great choice for those who just want to bash around with friends without getting too competitive.

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