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Medic Alert Tattoos: A Guide for the Uninitiated

Medical alert tattoos continue to gain in popularity. If you have a medical condition that emergency services and health professionals should be aware of in the event that you're unable to express you

How to Spot and Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

It's a sad truth that elder financial abuse is rampant and is only set to get worse. Unscrupulous people eagerly take advantage of seniors and can steal their entire life savings before anyone realize

USB Medical Alert Bracelets

USB medical alert bracelets are a new and increasingly popular breed of medic alert jewelry. There are no hidden monthly subscription fees as there would be for many other medical alert services. Inst

Stylish Medical Bracelets Like You’ve Never Seen

Medical ID tags quickly tell medical responders your medical information in an emergency. However, many of these medical ID tags can be large, bulky and not very versatile. However, you never know whe


The Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale measures your weight and body mass index (BMI), and then you can sync the information to the mobile app of your choice. The apps offer encouragement, and they can tu


The multifaceted Withings Body can help everyone in your household become much more informed about their fitness status. Its numerous health-tracking features, attractive design and ease of use make t


The Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Scale scored perfectly in consistency was nearly perfect in our accuracy test. It comes with a handy app that is easy to set up, making it one of the best bathroom s

The Five Best Medical Alert Apps for Seniors

Smartphones provide an instant connection to others, but for seniors who live on their own, a medical alert app, which can easily be installed onto a smartphone, can be a lifesaver. Medical alert app

5 Best Medical Alert Jewelry Items for Men and Women

A medical emergency could happen at any time, to anyone. Unfortunately, in some emergencies, you may not be able to communicate with responders and provide crucial personal information. You may be exp

Free Printable Medical ID Wallet Cards

Medical ID cards store your most important health information in one place. In a medical emergency, you may not be able to tell first responders about your specific health condition, which prevents me

OneTouch Ultra 2

The OneTouch Ultra 2 is one of the most commonly used glucometers, with test strips available in almost every store that carries diabetic supplies. The design is dated – it uses test strips that


The FORA TN’G Voice reads your glucose levels to you and guides you through the features with a voice guidance system. If you have vision problems caused by your diabetes, this is your best opti


The AgaMatrix PrestoPro features WaveSense technology, which the company claims to provide the most accurate readings on the market by using Dynamic Electrochemistry with proprietary enzymes and algor


There are two versions of the TRUE METRIX glucometer – the basic version and the Bluetooth version, which is the TRUE METRIX AIR. The AIR doesn’t cost much more than the basic version and


The Bayer CONTOUR NEXT meter is one of the few glucometers that uses test strips that are available in every pharmacy and online store we checked. The strips are also among the most affordable availab


The Precor TRM 223 Energy Series is a powerful treadmill designed to help you reach your fitness goals whether you prefer walking, jogging or running. This machine can accommodate users up to 300 poun

Life Fitness

The Life Fitness F3 Go is a folding treadmill with a strong focus on comfort. It has an array of features to make your workout easy and enjoyable. This treadmill comes with few extras to stimulate you

Spirit Fitness

With a selection of useful features and extras, the Spirit Fitness XT485 is a good running treadmill. It has some standout perks, including an excellent warranty and product support, but it's not as e


The Octane Q37X is a basic elliptical machine that still includes some important monitoring features and workout options. Its flywheel weighs 20 pounds, which is decent for a smooth motion while exerc


The Bowflex Max Trainer M7 elliptical bike is a sturdy exercise machine with a unique design for excellent cardio workouts. This machine has a higher flywheel than most and foot pedals designed to enc

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