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How to Safely Shed 5 pounds in 7 Days or Less

Putting on excess weight is all too easy for most people, especially if you are 60 or older. Taking that weight off can seem like fighting an uphill battle. There are some steps you can take to safely

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days in 12 Easy Steps

The best way to lose 10 pounds in 30 days is to maintain a healthy diet, establish fun exercise routines and keep a positive outlook. Follow these 12 easy steps to reward yourself with 10 fewer pounds

The Best Air Purifiers Without CADR Scores

While we evaluated the best air purifiers on the market, we ran across several models that do not include Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) scores. This metric was developed by the Association of Home Ap

What Is the Best Air Humidifier for Babies?

Your pediatrician may recommend humidifying the air in your baby's bedroom if he or she is prone to croup or persistent colds. Many different types of residential humidifiers and vaporizers are availa

What is the Best Use for a Cool-Air Humidifier?

During cold and flu season, there's nothing more satisfying than a plume of steam rolling out of a humidifier. But the truth is that most national health agencies, institutions and family doctors reco

Signs Your House has Mold

It is a homeowner’s worst nightmare: You walk into the basement only to become overwhelmed by an unpleasant, pungent odor. In search of what is causing that horrific smell, you find a patch of furry,

Bathroom Scales: How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

For decades, respected weight-loss programs have urged people to avoid daily weigh-ins and stick to stepping on a bathroom scale once a week to see how their diets are progressing. Admittedly, this is

The Best Humidifier for Baby

Your baby will typically get six to eight upper respiratory infections in his first year and your doctor will almost certainly recommend that you buy a humidifier. The moist air of a humidifier helps

Where Mold Grows in Your Home

Mold is a fungus that causes biodegradation in natural materials, and it grows in nearly all environments on the planet. Mold, like all fungi, does not derive energy from photosynthesis like plants, b

How Air Purifiers Help With Your Allergies

For allergy sufferers, each season offers its own allergy triggers, such as spring's airborne pollen, summer's hazy smog, autumn's tumbling leaves and winter's home air pollutants. There are a number

What Air Purifier CADR Numbers Mean

When you're in the market for an air purifier, it's easy to get confused with all of the numbers and abbreviations involved in the specifications of air purifiers. One of the most important values you

Humidifiers and Your Health

Most of us need to use a room humidifier at one time or another. These machines offer a multitude of health benefits and are affordable, portable and easy to use. You do not have to look far to see th

IDenta Touch & Know Discreet Drug Test | Instant Drug Test

Surprisingly, there are many people who can use an instant drug test kit. For example, people who are looking to buy a new home may want to buy drug and mold test kits to make sure the building is saf

Mold in Nature, Industry and Death

Mold gets a bad rap, but is it entirely deserved? We are told to avoid mold at all costs, that its spores will infest out brains and start an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers situation." However, mold

Ionizers and UV Lights: Potentially Dangerous Tech in Your Air Purifier

Air purifiers are an excellent tool for eliminating indoor odors and reducing allergens. Simply put, an air filter captures pollutants and expels clean air, much like a tree absorbs carbon dioxide and

Dangerous Wonders of Ozone

Living organisms (people, animals, plants) are dependent on oxygen to live. The oxygen we breathe, scientifically referred to as O2, consist of two oxygen molecules attached together. High in Earth's

Should You Use an Ozone Generator?

Tobacco smoke, fire damage, mold and mildew all leave their mark. The memory stays in carpets, ceilings, air ducts, walls, even clothing. These smells are not easy to get rid of. Scented candles and a

Which Humidifier Is Best: Cool, Warm or Ultrasonic?

Humidifiers are a staple in many American households, if for no other reason than they make you feel better when you're sick. When you or your children are suffering a cold, it's often the humidifier

Air Purifiers: What's Wrong with Creating Excess Ozone?

You've probably walked by displays in home and hardware stores of gadgets that are labeled as air purifiers. You might have even seen the machines on late-night infomercials that promise that they're

Best In-Home Air Purifiers Revealed

Top Ten Reviews has just released a comparison of the best air purifiers for use in homes. TTR reviewers looked at each unit’s ability to lower the airborne particle count, the amount of air the purif

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