Also referred to as dollies, hand trucks allow you to move materials and equipment at home or in your place of business safely and efficiently. These simple machines also allow you to carry odd-shaped boxes and containers from one place to another. When you use hand trucks, you lessen your risk of straining your back from repetitive lifting. Even if you are carrying a light load, constantly bending and lifting can result in health problems.

Hand trucks come in a variety of designs and are made from several materials. Small hand trucks made from durable plastic or aluminum are often used in home settings, while heavy-duty steel hand trucks are most often used in commercial applications. Some of the most common hand trucks include the WelCom Magna Cart, the Milwaukee 49180 Hand Truck and the Wesco Lightweight Folding Truck.

Hand Trucks: What to Look For

It's important to find the right hand truck for the types of loads you will be moving. Trucks come with different designs, materials and load capacities, as well as extra features.

There are three different hand truck designs: upright, convertible and specialty. Upright trucks are typically suited for loads that weigh less than 500 pounds, although some heavy-duty uprights can move much more. Convertible hand trucks have four wheels instead of two. These trucks are versatile because you can use them like a cart while they are laying down on all four wheels or you can use them like standard upright hand trucks. They are also designed to carry heavier loads. Specialty trucks are made to carry specific items such as machinery, bags, furniture or crates.

Hand trucks are made from several different materials. The strongest trucks are usually made from heavy-duty steel. Because steel hand trucks are made to withstand the heaviest loads, they are often reinforced with double welds and have added supports where they experience the most pressure. Aluminum trucks aren't quite as heavy as steel hand trucks, but they are still strong enough to carry heavy boxes and crates. Sometimes aluminum trucks are bonded with other metals to make them stronger. They are also not as expensive as steel. For very light loads, some hand trucks are made using ultra-light nylon or even fiberglass. Typically these hand trucks are designed for home or office use.

Load Capacity
When selecting hand trucks, it's also important to find out the load capacity. Load capacities are listed for safety reasons, and sometimes the limit is displayed somewhere on the hand truck. You should never attempt to put more weight on a hand trucks than it is rated to handle. This can cause the truck to tip over or even break, which can damage expensive items and injure people.

Hand trucks help you move items that would be too heavy otherwise. Because hand trucks have smooth-rolling wheels and durable frames, you can save your back and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover XT Review

The American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover XT is designed to offer stability when moving heavy loads. This hand cart has large wheels, a large weight capacity and support for oversized items.

The Multi-Mover XT is a specialty hand cart that is designed for oversized and heavier loads that a regular hand truck might not be able to handle. This hand dolly is not truly an upright design because it can tilt back on the smaller wheels. It also isn't a platform-type cart because the trucks remain in an angled position until you fold up the back wheels and move the trucks in an upright position.

This heavy-duty hand dolly is constructed from durable steel that won't give under pressure. The steel fold-out footplate supports large loads, while the large 10-inch turf wheels should travel over nearly any surface without puncturing them in the middle of moving inventory. The trucks have a handle underneath that makes it possible to pull the dolly forward, or you can use the ergonomic handle that goes across the top to push the load. The large handle is useful for heavier loads. These trucks do not feature a tie-down strap, so you will have to purchase straps if you need to secure boxes or if you want the addition of this safety feature. Also, the back of this hand dolly helps guard against boxes and items falling off the cart during transport.

This hand dolly is capable of moving loads up to 1,000 pounds, which is well above the load capacity of a typical hand truck. The frame is one solid piece, which ensures the longevity of these hand trucks, especially if they are used every day. The back tires also take the load off of your back when you are transporting bulky items or oversized loads.

The American Cart & Equipment Multi-Mover XT is specifically designed to help you transport larger loads in your business or at home. The oversized design makes this hand dolly ideal for moving furniture or bigger items including tents and inflatables. It has a large handle for good gripping power, and the dolly is constructed of durable metal that guards against bending and breaking even with daily use. The wheels won't go flat no matter where you need to go, and the back wheels and foot bed can fold up when you do not need them.

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Clipper Telescoping 3-Stage Hand Truck Review

The Clipper Telescoping 3-Stage Hand Truck Utility Cart has a heavy-duty construction with reinforced bars for added support. These hand trucks fold flush for compact storage and have four separate wheels for quick movement, and the ergonomic handle provides a sturdy place for you to grasp the trucks during use.

This hand cart features an upright design with added front supports to keep large loads from slipping off during bumpy rides. Although the cart can tilt back at an angle, it is still considered an upright design. Its size and weight makes this cart ideal for travel, and because it folds flat, you can carry it with you on airplanes when you travel. This leaves your hands free while getting out your boarding ticket or passport. These hand trucks also only weigh 20 pounds, so smaller individuals won't have much trouble getting the cart to move around.

The cart is constructed from steel with a welded chrome steel base that stands up well even against heavy loads. The back casters provide stability when you tilt heavy loads back for transporting. This also helps add support to your back and arms and prevents the load from tilting back too far. The wheels have locks, so if you are on an incline or the load is very heavy, you can prevent the cart from sliding backward. All four wheels have steel hubs that prevent them from bending or crushing under the weight of your belongings. The center hubs have ball bearings that make the wheels turn smoothly even under pressure.

This multipurpose hand dolly has a 400-pound weight capacity, so you can use it in industrial and shipping applications. It is also durable enough that you can use it when you are moving. The handles are padded, so if you do have to push around the maximum capacity load, you won't hurt your hands in the process. The handles can also take the weight burden off your arms and shoulders to help prevent strain and injury.

The Clipper Telescoping 3-Stage Hand Truck is specially designed to help travelers transport their bags back and forth to airline terminals. These hand trucks come with four durable tires that withstand heavy loads, and even if you use these trucks in an office or warehouse setting, they can still provide assistance with tough jobs.

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Cosco 3-in-1 Review

The Cosco Hybrid hand trucks feature a convenient convertible design that changes quickly between configurations. These hand trucks have flat-free tires with steel hubs and a large platform, and no assembly is required.

The Cosco hand truck is considered a specialty hand cart because it can be converted into three different configurations. The back portion of the hand truck features a lever that helps you convert the truck into a different configuration without the use of any tools or additional equipment. This unit also comes fully assembled from the manufacturer, which helps guarantee the product's durability. The truck can have a two-wheeled upright design, a four-wheeled cart or an assisted four-wheeled hand truck.

Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these convertible hand trucks resist bending and breaking even when you are climbing up stairs or using the cart to move items across uneven pavement and curbs. The tires are designed to be flat free, so even if you roll over glass or other sharp objects, your tires won't puncture or lose shape. When you use these hand trucks as a platform, the casters are extremely durable in spite of their small size. You should also be able to count on the wheel guards to prevent your loads from touching the wheels. The front platform is constructed from aluminum, and it is extra wide, so you can carry bulky boxes.

This hand cart works well if you plan to use it for commercial and industrial uses. It has a holding capacity of up to 800 pounds in the upright position, so one person can safely move furniture, electronics and shipping crates. If you plan on using these hand trucks in a platform position, the cart can withstand a weight of up to 1,000 pounds.

The Cosco 3-in-1 hand trucks are ideal for those who need a versatile design and a large load capacity. The ergonomic handles allow you to move the cart comfortably, and the pivoting wheels help you turn the hand trucks on a dime when you need to maneuver in tight spaces. The truck isn't equipped with a tie down, so if you need additional safety you will need to purchase cinching straps.

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Harper PGCSK19BLK Review

The Harper PGCSK19BLK is made from glass and nylon, which offers an alternative over traditional materials. The hand trucks also have a thick baseplate, ergonomic handle and large wheels for quick rolling.

This hand truck has a standard upright design that is ideal for moving boxes. Unfortunately, the Harper does not have a built-in strap or winch, so you have to purchase one separately if you need it for irregular loads or furniture that needs to be held down. The handle of the hand trucks is curved to provide a superior grip when moving items.

The construction of the Harper hand trucks is unusual. The entire frame is composed of glass-filled nylon, which provides strength and stability without all of the weight that an aluminum or steel frame has. However, because of the size of these hand trucks, they still weigh around 94 pounds. This is heavy for a hand truck, and it may be too heavy for smaller people to maneuver. Some of the parts on this hand dolly snap into place without the use of tools, but it should remain sturdy and won't pull apart in the middle of a job. The built-in stair glides are ideal for moving furniture and other heavy loads up stairs, and you can purchase an extended folding nose extension to help accommodate heavier loads.

These durable hand trucks have a weight capacity of 600 pounds. The I-beam construction on the back of the handles reinforces the trucks and provides added strength when you tilt the load back. The steel base plate keeps these trucks in an upright position even when they aren't being used, so they are ready to go when you need them.

The Harper PGCSK19BLK hand truck is one of the first hand trucks to be made from glass-filled nylon. This construction adds just as much strength as the heavier steel hand trucks without adding more weight to the design. You can purchase additional accessories to add functionality, and the stair glides are ideal if you constantly have to carry loads up and down flights of stairs. These trucks are ideal for companies and businesses that need to reduce the work and effort placed on moving inventory.

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Magliner Gemini Jr GM-16UAE Review

The Gemini Jr. convertible hand truck is a strong, durable and versatile option to consider when shopping for a method to transport your heavy items. This high-capacity hand dolly is also lightweight so you can make more trips with less fatigue. It has a modular design that doesn't include welds that can break over time.

A multi-purpose tool that increases efficiency and makes moving tasks easier is a good investment. Depending on what kind of load you need to carry, this 2-in-1 hand dolly changes from two to four wheels in seconds to accommodate various items for transport. Whether you are handling boxes, equipment or supplies, the Gemini Jr. can change to fit your needs.

Designed for strength and longevity, this hand truck contains aluminum, steel and magnesium for optimal strength for heavy loads, yet it's lightweight to reduce fatigue. Its modular design allows you to replace any part, which results in a long product life. There are no welds; this not only makes the hand truck stronger, but it also helps the hand cart last longer since there are no welds to break.

A hand dolly is only as good as its wheels. This convertible hand truck comes with 5-inch polyurethane casters and 10-inch interlocked microcellular foam wheels. These high-quality wheels help provide a smooth ride for your cargo and help you navigate through varied terrain. These wheels were designed to ensure safe delivery of your goods and are made to last.

When looking for the best hand truck to meet your needs, make sure you find one that has the size and capacity to handle anything you might need to transport. The Gemini Jr. is 51 inches tall as a hand truck and 40 inches as a platform truck. The overall length is 47.5 inches when deployed as a platform. The weight capacity is 500 pounds as a hand truck and 1000 pounds as a platform.

The unit has many options that could come in quite handy, including stair climber accessories, lockable casters and foldable snap-on decks. There are many choices to fit a variety of delivery needs. You can also order replacement parts from the Magliner website.

The Magliner Gemini Jr. hand truck is a workhorse that is capable of handling heavy loads and designed to last a long time. It’s a good hand truck to look into if you want to invest in a high-efficiency solution, while preventing fatigue and back injury.

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Magna Cart Review

The Magna Cart by Welcom personal hand truck is designed for simple home applications and office use. It is lightweight and durable, features a collapsible design and has sturdy rubber wheels for quick movement.

The Magna Cart is a standard upright hand truck with two wheels. One unique feature of these hand trucks is the ability to fold to a small size. When completely folded, the truck only takes up a space 25 inches high and 2 inches wide, which makes it ideal to store and take with you when you travel. Because of its small size, this hand truck can even fit inside an overhead compartment on an airplane, so you can transport your luggage through the airport without straining your back.

This folding hand cart is designed from lightweight aluminum. It only weighs 7 pounds, so it is light enough to pick up and place inside your car trunk. The trucks have two solid 5-inch rubber wheels that roll on carpet and other surfaces such as concrete and linoleum, and because the wheels are solid, they won't go flat when you are in the middle of a job. The aluminum is also rust-proof, so if you accidentally get the hand truck wet or if it is exposed to moisture during storage, it won't get damaged.

These durable hand trucks are designed to carry a load up to 150 pounds, which is ideal for small file boxes, bottles of water or groceries. The handle extends a full 39 inches, so you don't have to stoop over when pulling it. Telescopic handles do have a tendency to bend and even break if you put them under too much pressure, so you have to be careful of the load you place on the cart. The handles also have three adjustable nylon bands that move up and down to keep smaller loads from sliding through the bars during transport.

The Welcom Magna Cart Personal hand truck works well with smaller loads. It has a sturdy aluminum construction with long handles and it folds down for storage and transport. This aluminum dolly is the ideal size for home applications or for use with small businesses that ship a lot of small merchandise or take part in trade shows that require merchandise to be moved from one location to another.

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Milwaukee 49180 Review

The Milwaukee 49180 hand truck can be used in two different positions so it is versatile. These hand trucks also have smooth-rolling tires, a flow back handle and a durable powder-coat finish that promise to keep this hand cart looking great through repetitive uses.

If you need a hand dolly that can accommodate several different types and sizes of boxes, the Milwaukee can convert from two wheels to four wheels. The two-wheel position provides a vertical truck for smaller boxes, and the platform position allows you to stack flat boxes or uneven loads. When the truck is in the platform position, you need attach the handle before you are ready to pull loads. You can also use the truck in a horizontal position when you simply need to push boxes or furniture around in your warehouse.

These durable hand trucks are constructed from heavy-duty steel that won't bend or break under large loads. The hands trucks are designed to withstand heavy use, so they can be used in a commercial setting as well as in your home. The tires on this hand dolly are pneumatic, so you should be able to roll over nearly any type of surface – including gravel, grass and concrete – without a struggle, and the top of the dolly near the handle has 5-inch casters that help the hand trucks move in any direction. The main issue with these hand trucks is they do not come equipped with a tie-down winch system, so you can't secure awkward loads without purchasing winches or some sort of tie-down solution. The handle is designed so that you can use the trucks with one hand or two.

If you have extremely large loads to carry, you can use this hand dolly to carry boxes and furniture up to 800 pounds. For very large loads, the wheels are equipped with wheel guards that protect the tires from going flat or being compressed from the weight of the cart. Another good thing is the tires come fully assembled so you don't have to waste unnecessary time and manpower getting the trucks in working order.

These Milwaukee 49180 hand trucks are designed to carry both small and oversized loads. You have greater flexibility over the function and maneuverability of the hand trucks, and you can purchase a variety of additional products from the manufacturer to go on the trucks to make the job easier.

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Overland Carts POWER Mantis Review

The Mantis-X Mover from Overland Carts can lift heavy loads without too much effort. It has center forks for lifting pallets and it has anti-flat tires. An internal gearbox and a rechargeable battery pack power the cart.

Classified as a specialty hand truck, the Mantis-X Mover features a durable bed and extended forks for lifting and transporting pallets and other large items. This hand cart measures 61 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 50 inches wide. The large size allows you to carry larger load effectively. It doesn't have a strap or winch to hold items on the bed, but the cart uses gravity to keep items secure when it is tilted back.

These hand trucks are constructed from steel with aluminum fenders. One positive feature is the one-piece construction of the bed, which features heavy welds. This keeps the truck together and prevents damage when moving large loads. The forks are nearly an inch in diameter, so you can haul nearly any load including bulky pallets. The tires are solid and are 13 inches in diameter. If you roll over glass or other sharp items that could puncture the exterior, the tires should not be damaged. The fenders above the tires have an extended metal guard that prevents the bed from scrubbing against the tires when the trucks are fully loaded, and the entire structure features a powder-coated finish that resists scratching and rust. The tires swivel, so the unit should turn quickly in tight spaces.

The truck has a weight capacity of 750 pounds, and the unit itself weighs 160 pounds. This hand cart runs off a battery-powered motor, which helps save time and makes your job easier when moving inventory or very heavy loads. Also, because the cart is electric, it won't roll backward on an incline, it can also help cut down on your work. The battery pack can be removed and recharged overnight, which saves you money on batteries and keeps your hand cart moving throughout each shift.

The Mantis-X Mover promises to reduce the amount of work your employees have to do throughout the day. The heavy-duty motor should help you move furniture and other items quickly and safely. The gearbox is contained, and the frame of this hand truck is durable enough that it withstands daily abuse.

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RocknRoller R8 Multi-Cart Review

The RocknRoller R8 Multi-Cart converts to a variety of configurations for multiple uses. These hand trucks have a long nose, built-in stair climbers and folding sides.

The RocknRoller hand dolly is considered a specialty hand truck because it can be configured into eight different positions for multiple uses. These positions also allow the trucks to accommodate a wide variety of load sizes, so you can move various loads quickly and efficiently. The Multi-Cart is more than just hand trucks. It can be used to move filming equipment during the production of television shows and movies. It can also be used to move musical equipment back and forth between sets to prevent damage to expensive equipment, and it can also be used in warehouses and shipping departments to load trucks.

This hand cart is made with a rugged steel frame that can withstand daily use. It has a handle on each side, so you don't have to turn the truck when you need to back up or make a sharp turn. The tires are designed with a thick polypropylene hub and thick polyurethane foam tires that can roll over nearly anything without risking damage. One position feature on these hand trucks is the built-in wheel brakes. You can put the brakes on when you are stopped on a slope to ensure the cart doesn't move while you unload and load it. You can also purchase a variety of accessories to customize this hand cart for your business. Accessories include an expandable shelf, a laptop shelf and flex straps to keep merchandise secure.

This multipurpose hand cart has a load capacity of 500 pounds. You can use it to carry office equipment, shipping boxes and furniture without the frame bending or breaking under pressure.

The RocknRoller R8 Multi-Cart hand dolly can be changed into different positions to accommodate different uses and loads. The hand trucks have durable wheels and ergonomic handles, and the frame can telescope from 34 to 52 inches long, so you can do more work in less amount of time. For those who prefer to have the option of customization, the company sells a variety of accessories that you can add and change depending on what you will be using the cart for.

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Wesco 220617 Aluminum SuperLite Review

The Wesco 220617 hand truck features a lightweight design with a tough aluminum frame. It is designed with nonmarking tires, a long handle and the ability to keep your packages secured to the frame during transport.

A standard two-wheeled dolly, the Wesco stands upright at a height of 42 inches, so you won't have to stop or bend when moving packages. The platform is small, but it's designed to evenly distribute the weight when the hand trucks are tilted back. One convenient feature of these hand trucks is the ability to fold flat when you aren't using it. The platform folds up and the telescopic handle can be pushed down into the lower portion of the handle. The straps hold the unit compact, so you can place them in a closet or even in the trunk of your car.

These hand trucks are constructed from aluminum, which reduces their weight without significantly compromising durability. The lightweight design also makes it easier for smaller people to maneuver the trucks when carrying heavy loads, because you don't have the extra weight from the trucks to handle. The wheels themselves are designed from solid rubber to ensure they'll last, and they are large enough you can pull the trucks up stairs. The rubber from the tires are nonmarking, so they won't scuff up your office floor, and they are durable enough that they should roll fine over brick, gravel and cement with no issues.

Even though this hand dolly weighs less than 11 pounds, it has a maximum load capacity of 175 pounds. That makes this dolly ideal for moving boxes of office files, books and other smaller items at home or in the office. The lightweight design makes the trucks ideal for smaller people to handle.

The Wesco 220617 aluminum folding hand trucks are designed to help you move loads up to 175 pounds. The lightweight construction improves handling, and the trucks fold flat when they aren't being used. This two-wheeled dolly is ideal for home and office applications where the loads aren't too heavy. It is well suited for traveling and can be used to move items from one office to the next while sparing your back. 

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